Honestly they try to show how united they are when honestly they are probably more like the the Free Worlds League in politics. Only with shadow wars instead of overt civil wars.
We are united sisters,do not mention that dagger in my sleeve.
It ended in your back? shame,i knew notching about it!
Chapter 67
Chapter 67

“Would someone care to explain to me how the fuck we missed this?!” Jack Harper asked the heads of the various intelligence agencies that the Systems Alliance had. “I currently have every available staff member that we have working for our diplomatic corps working overtime to run damage control so that we’re not seen as the ones responsible for having just invaded and conquered one of the most prominent of Asari worlds.”

“There’s no way we could have predicted this,” Rocky Russel, the current head of the SAI stated. “We’ve gone through every record we have of lost colonies and haven’t found anything that would indicate anyone even headed over in the direction that they appeared from.”

“Agreed,” one of the lead researchers and scientists said. “We have several theories that involve the Protheans moving some of our ancestors to other facilities to conduct more research. Given that we found examples of them experimenting on and observing us in the Mars Facility we suspect that this may have been an offshoot that developed out of some test subjects that were moved when they began experimenting.”

“I can work with that,” Jack sighed. “I need all of you to help push the narrative that we have nothing to do with the Terminus Commonwealth. That we aren’t responsible for anything that they undertake or do.”

“We’ll continue digging into more records to see if we can find anything that would indicate they’re some sort of lost colonists. It’s still possible they’re from some sort of missing expedition that we lost the records on,” Rocky said as he typed some messages into his Omni tool. “We know that the UNAS, the old Russian states, and the Chinese People’s Federation had many secret programs for space exploration. We’ll have to burn some assets, but we may be able to find some of the things they’ve kept hidden that might have the key to what we’re looking for,” He shrugged. “Or at least something that may point us in the right direction.”

“We’ll start combing through the Beacon for data specific to the test subjects and try to find out if there’s anything about some of them being removed from the Sol system to another location,” The Scientist said with a slight frown. “The problem is that it may take several years for us to find any information that will help us out.”

“It’ll still help deflect the attention off of us,” Harper said as he pulled out a cigar and lit it. “Now, I’m giving you three weeks to give me more information to work with, we’ve got a lot to accomplish and very little time to do it in if we want to get ahead of the narrative.”

“Thanks for all of the data,” Anita said to Jack from the comfort of her office on the Citadel. “I’ve been able to persuade both the Salarian and Turian Councilors that we had no idea this branch of Humanity existed.”

“You’re welcome,” Jack sagged in relief as if a weight had been relieved from his shoulders. “The SAI had to burn quite a few agents who were embedded into the UNAS and the rest of the Earthborn nations to pull some of the data that would help prove that the Commonwealth has nothing to do with the Systems Alliance.”

“Well, the data was most useful,” Anita said with a smile. “It certainly leveled the playing field when some of our detractors tried to push against us continuing to represent Humanity on the Citadel.”

“Well, we’ve gotten some data from the Turians on the weapons that the Commonwealth has used,” Anita said. “I’m forwarding what limited data we have on it now.”

“What kind of sick joke is this?” Jack asked with a raised eyebrow as he looked at the bipedal robot that was walking through the streets of Illium. “I didn’t know you were into old Japanese cartoons.”

“I’m completely serious here,” Anita chuckled. “They’ve managed to somehow make these monstrosities, and they’ve also got some really good armored support to go back with it. Enough that we may want to look into developing AFVs to go with our IFV programs.”

“I’ll have to look further into what data you just sent me,” Jack sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “As well as get our scientists to take a look at some really old projects that were set to the side decades ago.”

“That’s something you’ll have to work out,” Anita said. “I’ve done what I can to get us ahead of any damage to our PR. All that’s left is to maybe push a project or product that can completely cement our image.”

“There is one thing that the Sirta Foundation is working on,” Jack mused out loud. “We may have to grease some wheels, but I think we have just the thing that might completely change the view of the Systems Alliance away from the Terminus Commonwealth.”

Author's Note: A bit shorter than normal, but it felt fitting to end it here. That and I'm tired and ready to go to bed.
Chapter 68
Chapter 68

“Alright, so we’ve got a bit of a mess on our hands,” I said with a sigh as I looked at the total projected revenue that we would be bringing in from all of the various worlds that had joined the Terminus Commonwealth. “With the inclusion of Illium, we’ve got enough money to start funding a proper military and start standardizing gear across the systems that are in the Commonwealth.”

“Given that it’s the only thing we’re letting you work on for the next few months while you recover from being held captive I expect that you’ll have everything worked out properly in a month or so,” Melissa said smugly as she showed me the current budget that she had planned. “Enjoy number crunching and coordinating with the engineers and R&D.”

“I’ll get started on it,” I said with a small smile. “The shipyards over Illum were owned by the corporations that we suborned. So we’re going to have to figure out how we’re going to approach the shipyards and what they build before we trust them to assist with our navy. Now, our shipyards over Korlus are currently operating at full capacity in producing the Glamdring, which means that we’re getting a little over eight of them a year from the two shipyards there.”

“Hopefully that number will go up as we bring more yards online to support civilian as well as military vessels,” Doctor Kelley said as he looked at the hard data in front of him. “We’re not currently counting anything produced over Veil as a part of the Commonwealth’s main assets. Our intention is to continue building up ships that have K-F drives and Element Zero Cores over Veil thus limiting the ability for people to potentially capture the specifications for our K-F drives and reverse engineer them.”

“Opsec is a good thing to have,” I agreed. “I’m not sure what the Asari pulled from my mind, but we have to be prepared for something to be different about some of the Asari vessels we might encounter.”

“We’re going to have to operate under the assumption that they didn’t manage to snag K-F tech from your brain,” Dr. Rogers said with a small smile on her face. “Especially given you’re not exactly a scientist.”

“I know enough to have gotten the Manassas jumped across the Inner Sphere on my own,” I argued. “I might not know the exact details on how everything works behind the scenes, but I’m fairly competent at the engineering part.”

“Well, I’m going to have some of our accountants double and triple checking to make sure that everything you want planned will work,” Melissa said as she prepared to leave the office. “Going over budget is not preferred, but people will understand it given that we’re prepping the defenses of an entirely new nation.”

“So, the plan is to standardize over the next two decades,” I pointed out the yearly budget and how much of it we were going to spend on recruitment, training, and the like. “We’ll slowly phase the older hulls to training and backup security details as we get new hulls into the hands of experienced crews. Infantry and tank forces are going to be using the newly upgraded Marsden IVs as their Main Battle Tank with militia getting the King Tiger as their main tank. With APCs being whatever they can produce on world. We’re currently developing PA(L) for all of the various species that are a part of the Commonwealth but we estimate it’ll take at least five years before we get all of the kinks worked out of that.”

“And this is where I take over,” Doctor Kelley spoke up. “We’re going to be refitting all of our current tanks and ASF with Kinetic Barriers and any that are using ICE will be refitted to use Fusion Engines. Trust me, you’re going to want the power for your barriers. We’re currently working on getting Kinetic Barriers fitted to Mechs, but we’ve been having some difficulty getting them to work properly with the Myomer, it may take us a couple of years before we manage to get all of that ironed out.”

“Are the militia getting tanks with Fusion engines?” one of the engineers asked. “Isn’t there a chance someone could steal our designs?”

“There’s always a chance of that,” I responded to that question. “But we have to extend trust and faith somewhere. And we’re starting with our defenses.”

“The Sting is being shifted primarily over to gunship and infantry delivery,” Dr. Kelley said. “While we’re going to be continuing production of them for the foreseeable future given their utility, our other dropships are going to have to fall by the wayside as most of our mechs are shifted over to defensive duties until we can design a new delivery platform that’s suitable.”

“Now we get to dive down into the fine details of what we all hate,” I said with a shake of my head. “We get to start standardizing small arms across the entirety of the Commonwealth.”

“Are we going to start using the weaponry of this galaxy?” One of the Engineers asked.

“We’re thinking of mating the weapon blocks to our current gauss weapons,” Doctor Kelley said. “With our current ability to cool weapons off, we can shave larger chunks of Tungsten off of the ammunition block for better-stopping power, with a much lower chance of overheating the weapon than the current weapons that the galaxy uses. Now, we will have to start looking into adapting the ammunition blocks to be as easily exchanged as magazines. Otherwise, we may start seeing issues, but this should still simplify logistics as we can simply downsize the weapons for anyone not in powered armor.”

“We’ll be helping every world in the Commonwealth set up factories for the small arms and the tanks we want produced,” I said to many groans in the audience. “But once we get said people trained and the factories set up we’ll have a lot more redundancy and have a lot more security and faith from the people that are still unsure about whether joining up with us was the right idea.”

“Now, if there are any questions we’ll begin to address them before dividing you up into groups to start separating the work according to your specialties,” Dr. Kelley said as he started to close the meeting down.
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King Tiger
Tiger Medium Tank T-12
Mass: 55 tons
Movement Type: Tracked
Power Plant: 220 Fusion
Cruising Speed: 43.2 kph
Maximum Speed: 64.8 kph
Armor: Standard
2 ER Medium Laser
3 Machine Gun
1 SRM 4
1 AC/10
Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3050
Tech Rating/Availability: F/X-X-E-D
Cost: 2,395,783 C-bills

Type: Tiger Medium Tank
Technology Base: Mixed (Standard)
Tonnage: 55
Battle Value: 1,189

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure
220 Fusion​
Cruising MP:
Flanking MP:
Heat Sinks:
Control Equipment:
Power Amplifier:
Armor Factor: 232

R/L Side

and Ammo​
Location Critical Tonnage
Machine Gun
ER Medium Laser
Machine Gun
ER Medium Laser
Machine Gun
SRM 4 Ammo (50)
AC/10 Ammo (20)
Half Machine Gun Ammo (100)
Marsden IV
Marsden IV MBT (Mass effect Modification)
60 tons
Movement Type: Tracked
Power Plant: 180 Fusion
Cruising Speed: 32.4 kph
Maximum Speed: 54 kph
Armor: Ferro-Fibrous
1 LB 20-X AC
3 ER Small Laser
2 SRM 4
1 LRM 10
Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3052
Tech Rating/Availability: F/X-X-E-D
Cost: 3,445,200 C-bills

Type: Marsden II MBT
Technology Base: Mixed (Standard)
Tonnage: 60
Battle Value: 1,426

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure 6
Engine 180 Fusion10.5
Cruising MP: 3
Flanking MP: 5
Heat Sinks: 100
Control Equipment: 3
Power Amplifier: 0
Turret: 1.5
Armor Factor (Ferro): 249 13

Front 663
R/L Side 6/649/49
Rear 639
Turret 649

and Ammo
Location Critical Tonnage
ER Small Laser Left10.5
2 SRM 4 Front22
ER Small Laser Right10.5
ER Small Laser Turret10.5
LB 20-X AC Turret912
LRM 10 Turret12.5
LB 20-X AC Ammo (10) Body22
SRM 4 Ammo (50) Body22
LRM 10 Ammo (24) Body22
LB 20-X Cluster Ammo (10) Body22
It would be fun,if Terminus dudes,just to troll everybody,said "yes,we are lost chineese expedition"
Chapter 69
Chapter 69

Korlus, Imir System, November 2167

“So, how long until she’s rebuilt?” I asked as we floated around the wreckage of the Manassas.

“Well, given the plans we have and how intact the keel was, we’ve got a few options,” Doctor Rogers said with a mad grin. “We’re looking at ways to make a Naval Gauss spinal gun, with plenty of Naval PPCs backing it up and eight collars to support the Glamdring and Sting escorts that it’ll bring into a fight.”

“You’re planning on turning the Manassas into a battlegroup of its own aren’t you?” I asked as I considered the various plans in front of me.

“We want the Manassas to be able to kill anything that this universe has available, even if some sort of Cthulhu or Eldritch monstrosity shows up we want to be able to not only take it on but to kill it quickly,” Dr. Rogers said as she pulled up some specific specs. “We’ve done a lot of calculations and power plant adjustments, and with some tuning, we’ll be able to put a Kinetic barrier on this ship that it’ll be able to take twelve to thirteen direct hits from a dreadnought without us even getting into the armor that we’re working on.”

“That still doesn’t tell me how long she’s going to be in the dry dock,” I replied. “All of this sounds great, but I’ve yet to hear a timeline.”

“It’ll be around ten years until we’re finished and ready for a shakedown run,” Dr. Rogers admitted with a chagrined expression on her face. “There’s still a lot of work to be done in order to refine the tech we want to put into the Manassas, and if we actually want it to be state of the art when we’re finished then we’re going to have to upgrade it as we go along.”

“Which shipyard are we going to use?” I asked as I looked at the amount of funding we were going to be putting into this. “Because I thought we couldn’t tow the wreckage to Veil for any of the secretive stuff.”

“We’re going to be working on it in the shipyards here over Korlus,” Rogers said. “The citizens of Korlus were actually the ones who requested that we rebuild it here, they’re taking it as a point of pride that the ship that helped protect them is being rebuilt in the system. They even volunteered to pay the entire cost of the ship including the R&D that’s going into making it.”

“So this isn’t coming out of the ship acquisitions budget?” I asked. “Because this is an expensive Warship we’re building here.”

“It’s subsidized by us using some of the Omniforges down on Korlus to help, and it’s allowing us to slowly work some of the local species into our trained engineers and scientists. It’s also helping us figure out whether they’re spying or not because we’re starting them on things that seem critically important to figure out and if a leak occurs we can plug it before it gets too big.”

“Well, it seems that I’m behind on this,” I said as I looked at the design once again. “I’ll be keeping an eye on the construction and may be dropping by for surprise inspections.”

“I’m sorry that it took me so long to make it here,” I said to the memorial that had been built on Veil for Mathias and the rest of the fallen Ducal Guard. “You were a loyal friend and someone who had my back in everything,” I knelt down for a minute in front of the memorial. “Goodbye, old friend. You will be missed,” A single tear dripped down my face as I clenched my hands together.

“Are you okay?” Natasha asked me as she brought me in for a hug.

“No, but I will be,” I said as I stood up straight. “Some wounds just take time to heal.”

“We should get home,” Natasha said as we began to walk out of the memorial. “You still need to recover from the mental damage that was done to you.”

“I know,” I sighed. “I’m sorry I’ve been so sour and angry at times. I’m not even sure where the emotion is coming from at times.”

“You had someone raping your mind,” Natasha said as we climbed into the armored car. “It is understandable that some parts of you would still be recovering from the damage that was done.”

“Yeah, but I feel like I should already be pushing past this,” I argued. “I mean, I dealt with three years of sheer quiet and loneliness. I should be able to handle this.”

“You of all people should know that all wounds are different, and should be treated differently,” Natasha gave me a glare. “That applies to wounds of the mind as well, and you should know that and accept it.”

“I’m working on it,” I sighed. “It’ll still take time for me to work through this though.”

“It’s a pleasure to have you with us,” I greeted the Volus Representative as he stepped into my office. “I’m sorry that our meeting was delayed for nearly a year.”

“It is quite understandable,” Dusrin Verran, the Volus representative hissed in reply. “It is an honor to meet the leader of the nation that has managed to curb piracy and open up new trade routes to the Terminus systems.”

“Well, I would argue the pleasure is all mine, but I’m not really the negotiator of our group,” I gestured to Melissa who was waiting behind me. “This is Melissa Steiner, she’s the one who negotiates the trade deals and assists me with any legislation involving trade or any deals that we set.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Melissa smiled with a sharklike grin on her face. “May I call you Dusrin, or would you prefer Verran?”
So,by the time Reapers some,they would have fleet of ships capable of killing it.Not mention,they could simply blown up Relays and use their own FTL if things go South.

P.S Poor Dusrin,Melissa would it him for breakfast and ask for more Volus meat.
So,by the time Reapers some,they would have fleet of ships capable of killing it.

They already do. Pretty much every ME crossover becomes a reaper stomp because the reapers rely on no one having anti-ship lasers. That's what the whole plot point about channeling everyone into eezo based tech is about. It's so easy to make better than 100% efficient kinetic weapons with eezo that nobody bothers with the stuff that can't be stopped by any kinetic barrier less powerful than an inverted event horizon. They've at least got SCL-3s and ERLLs in production because the Glamdring uses them. The Reapers are not going to be happy bunnies.
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The problem(s) that I personally have with the Reapers is this.

1. It took an entire fleet to take out Sovereign originally, which should have established the baseline for how hard they are to kill.
2. They later seemed to walk this back by having Reapers able to be taken out by less than a battlegroup. (Yes, I understand that there are different classifications of Reapers, but there should still be that element of fear.

Something I'll touch on is this, there can't have only been a few civs to try and engineer/produce DEWs. So the Reapers probably have a dual layer of armor that resists both Kinetics and Energy weapons. Otherwise they'd have been wiped out a long time ago.
Something I'll touch on is this, there can't have only been a few civs to try and engineer/produce DEWs. So the Reapers probably have a dual layer of armor that resists both Kinetics and Energy weapons. Otherwise they'd have been wiped out a long time ago.
So long as you don't go too far. I've seen the Reapers most recently tanking Homeworld Higaraan reverse engineered Progenitor Sajuuk Spinal cannons mounted on Dreadnoughts as though they got shot by a normal ME pop gun. I hate that. They can't write a compelling story so they nerf one side and overpower the Reapers in an attempt to fix EA's hamfisted Executive's forced multi-retconn mess.
The problem(s) that I personally have with the Reapers is this.

1. It took an entire fleet to take out Sovereign originally, which should have established the baseline for how hard they are to kill.
2. They later seemed to walk this back by having Reapers able to be taken out by less than a battlegroup. (Yes, I understand that there are different classifications of Reapers, but there should still be that element of fear.

Something I'll touch on is this, there can't have only been a few civs to try and engineer/produce DEWs. So the Reapers probably have a dual layer of armor that resists both Kinetics and Energy weapons. Otherwise they'd have been wiped out a long time ago.

Just like with Stormtroopers in SW.The take Leia frigate loosing 4 soldiers,and killing/taking prisoners at least 50.They are killing machines.
Then,they meet Luke&gang.....and become soviet conspricts.
Chapter 70
Chapter 70

“Ambassador Goyle,” I stood up to greet the Systems Alliance Ambassador as she entered the room that we had reserved on Illium for this meeting. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

“I assume that the reason you wouldn’t meet me on the Citadel is that they wouldn’t allow you to have this much security,” Anita said with a gesture to the door she had walked through where there were more than half a dozen Ducal Guard members were standing outside with massive rifles in hand.

“I was perfectly willing to go back to the Citadel, actually,” I smiled and gestured for her to take a seat. “But my wife and bodyguards were not willing to allow me anywhere out of our territory.”

“Understandably so after the events that took place last time you were on the Citadel,” Anita observed. “Now, the Systems Alliance has many theories and questions that we would like to have answered.”

“I’m sure you do,” I replied with a grin. “I don’t promise to have a ton of answers for you though. We aren’t exactly allies currently.”

“Let’s get to it then,” Ambassador Goyle said as she opened up an old-fashioned briefcase with actual paper documents. “I haven’t had to use paper in years, but your security personnel made it very clear that Omnitools weren’t allowed past a certain point.”

“Yes, I apologize for that, but given we know that you can flash forge an Omniblade out of an Omnitool we figured it was better safe than sorry. We did allow your detail to follow you in though,” I offered up.

“Yes, but you yourself still have bodyguards in the room,” Goyle nodded at Samara who was standing behind me and to the left, and to Natasha, who was suited up in Mithril.

“Not taking any more chances with safety,” I shrugged. “Now, let me see what documents we brought, and we’ll see what we can and cannot answer.”

“I’m afraid that the Systems Alliance is dedicated to maintaining our presence on the Citadel for now,” Ambassador Goyle said as she stood up to leave. “I’m certain that we can meet at a later date to discuss trade proposals.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I replied to the first bit while standing up. “I’m sorry that you’re leaving with more questions than answers, but I’m afraid that I just don’t have the answers to give you.”

“I’m certain that the only people truly frustrated will be the scientists,” Goyle laughed. “Myself and most of the politicians of the Systems Alliance are just glad that there’s some sort of stability in this region.”

“I wouldn’t count on stability for long,” I replied. “The SIU on Omega vanished, and I fully expect something to start happening once the Batarians are done with their Civil War.”

“We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we,” Goyle politely smiled as she shook my hand before leaving the room.

“That was exhausting,” I collapsed back into my chair once the door closed. “We need to find someone who’s better at this sort of thing to take over from me.”

“Maybe sometime soon,” Natasha agreed as she pulled off her helmet and set it down on my desk.

“Samara, did you manage to get into contact with your daughters yet?” I asked in order to change the subject.

“I did indeed,” the Matriarch said with a soft smile. “Falire and Rila are finishing their semester and then are coming to join me here in the Commonwealth.”

“And Mirala?” I asked. “Did you manage to get into contact with her?”

“I am afraid that I have not,” Samara replied as a frown appeared on her face. “Rila said that they have a way to contact her, but that she is not able to respond to messages very often, and that it was only to be used in emergencies.”

“So they’re waiting until you’re reunited before trying to get into contact with her,” I followed the logical train of thought. “Makes sense to me.”

“They should be here in a few months,” Samara said.

“Take as much time as you need once they arrive,” I said before Samara could ask for leave. “No one will begrudge you taking time to spend with your family.”

“Your Major MacIntosh is a very serious individual though, he has enforced discipline in every area since I joined your Ducal Guard,” Samara responded. “I was afraid that there would be no time allotted for such things.”

“Major Ian MacIntosh has been guarding people for a very long time,” I replied. “And he takes his job very seriously, especially since Mathis died in my kidnapping. But even he understands family, and will let people take time off for that.”

“Well, did you get anything useful?” Harper asked Anita over the terminal.

“They’re very much humans just like us,” Goyle said with an odd expression on her face. “Their leader appears young, in his late twenties at the oldest, but his eyes, body language, and everything else about him screams that he’s a man in his late middle age.”

“Could be much older than he appears,” Harper said. “We both know that longevity treatments exist if you’re wealthy enough.”

“This doesn’t feel like that though,” Goyle shook her head. “It’s such an odd experience as well, because they look like us, but they feel like Krogan in many ways.”

“Would that be a good approach to start with?” Harper asked. “Treating them as if they were Krogan?”

“Likely not,” Anita shook her head. “Because they’re actually blending all of the cultures together fairly well. Allowing each planet to basically set its own government up as long as they maintain the rules set down in their constitution. Everything on a National level seems to be in infancy at best but has a fairly strong foundation to build off of. So hold off on having our negotiators and other diplomats looking for comparisons.”

“So what then would you have me do?” Harper asked. “I’m at the end of my final term, so whatever I set up now needs to be something that can be continued by my successor.”

“Establish an embassy on one of the Commonwealth’s worlds,” Goyle said after a moment of thought. “Have some N series intel people assigned to work it and gather as much intelligence as possible while we operate out of it as a proper Embassy. Nothing overt on the spying, but something that can assist us in what we’re looking for.”

“I can do that,” Harper nodded. “I’ll call you again when all of the details are worked out, make sure you send your reports in shortly though. I’d like to have some analysts go over your dialogue to see if this Duke Hull hints at anything that might give away their origins.”
Something I'll touch on is this, there can't have only been a few civs to try and engineer/produce DEWs. So the Reapers probably have a dual layer of armor that resists both Kinetics and Energy weapons. Otherwise they'd have been wiped out a long time ago.

The trouble is that the technological progress shaping is a plot point. That's why the Thanix, which is just a kinetic weapon with some thermal transfer, is useful.

When a civilization finds the deliberately planted eezo they've got maybe 50% efficiency lasers at the low end with efficiency probably dropping as you scale up. Eezo violates the first law of thermodynamics* so gauss guns will have greater than 100% efficiency at any scale. There's no apparent limit other than the amount of eezo you can afford to use per gun. So long as there's any armor and kinetic barriers can only absorb a few shots and recharge slowly it's more efficient to use kinetic weapons and investing research in better kinetic weapons will yield more benefits than research into lasers. It's like the relationship between transistors and vacuum tubes or between vacuum tubes and mechanical computers. One tech path is so obviously superior anyone who stays on the other path gets conquered. It's only when someone from outside the cycle shows up with mature laser technology that it rips through the armor meant to keep people who have pathetic primitive lasers honest that it becomes disruptive.

There may also be an indoctrination effect. There's almost certainly one on the Citadel and may be a weaker and less reliable (due to needing to operate at greater range) effect from using relay travel that discourages anyone from pursuing technology paths the reapers aren't prepared for.

So, yeah there's armor, but it's probably horrifyingly thin for a BT capital ship compared to kinetic barriers in the thousands or maybe low millions of points that lasers just ignore.

* as proven by the ability of eezo to permit FTL
Thousandths and millionths. Thousands and Millions are on the opposite end of the scale you are implying.
Kinetic barriers have a capacity of damage they can absorb before failing, don't they? That's what I'm saying is in the thousands or millions of BT capital damage. Not the fraction of damage that passes the barrier, which for Reapers I was under the impression was zero.
Chapter 71
Chapter 71

“Have we managed to take the shipyards?” Balak asked the shadow that appeared in the office of the base he was using. “We’ll need them if we’re to make our dream a reality.”

“We’ve taken almost all of them, with only a handful of holdouts in systems controlled by the rebel faction,” the whispery voice responded. “What would you ask of us moving forward?”

“Start eliminating the leaders of the Loyalists,” Balak ordered. “But make it look like the rebels are the ones responsible. We want to keep quiet on our operations until we are ready.”

“It will be done,” the voice responded as the shadow then disappeared.

“Now, time to get the rest of the SIU into the proper positions,” Balak mused to himself as he considered the map of the Batarian Hegemony that appeared on his terminal. “Which planet is best to take over?”

“Have Commander Cam Drar'regar sent to my office,” Balak said to the noncom that worked as his secretary. “I need to get more information on his homeworld.”

“Commander,” Balak greeted his subordinate. “Tell me about your homeworld. I know that most of the State Arms factories outside of Khar’shan are located on your world, and I would like to know everything that you do about where those factories are located and what defenses might be in place.”

“I don’t know a lot,” Cam Drar’regar replied as he searched through his memories. “Even with how corrupt the State Arms is it’s not easy to access many of their actual locations. But I do know where the factories are, and what they manufacture.”

“Any information is better than going in blind,” Balak stated. “Give me what you can, and I’ll have the Shadows dig up the rest, then we’ll seize the planet along with the factories before moving on. Our first overt move must be to take the means of resupply away from both factions.”

“Then you’re going to want to take the orbital foundries as well,” Commander Drar’regar replied. “They’re the most important part of the factories because they supply the raw materials needed for the refineries that feed the factories.”

“The Shadows are already moving squads in position to do just that,” Balak informed the commander. “I merely wish to capture the factories as intact as possible so that we do not waste time in getting the factories producing for the SIU.”

“Then you’re going to want to move very quickly,” the Commander responded. “Any and all forces that are a part of the regular military have standing orders to destroy the facilities there if it seems that anyone may have a chance to seize them.”

“Then move quickly we shall,” Balak smiled at the other Batarian. “After all, we are the SIU, and what better time for intervention is there than this?”

“Questionable Greeting: We are surprised that you would be willing to negotiate trade deals with us,” Winkena the Elcor negotiator said as he entered the office that was currently used for the trade negotiations with the Terminus Commonwealth.

“Why is that?” Melissa asked as she greeted the large alien. “You have resources and other things that are worth trading in, why wouldn’t we want to trade with you?”

“Honest Statement: Most find our pattern of speaking unusual, and are unable or unwilling to accommodate our size,” the Elcor replied.

“I find it a bit relieving honestly,” Melissa replied. “The Commonwealth is willing to trade with pretty much anyone who approaches us honestly anyway. So long as you expect good negotiations that lead to both of us winning, that is.”

“Fearful Statement: We have heard of how you managed to get a favorable deal out of the Volus, and are worried that we may end up losing money in any deal we make.”

“The Volus aren’t losing money off of this deal,” Melissa said honestly. “They were just hoping to take advantage of us and ended up with a far more equitable deal than they are used to.”

“Agreeable statement: Then let us find out how we may benefit each other,” Winkena said as she stepped closer to the desk.

“You’ll pay for this Balak,” Ram Gaskavan the current Governor of the world of Tunerron Van spat at the leader of the SIU as he struggled against his bindings.

“I don’t believe that I will,” Balak said as he stopped before the Governor. “I am the head of the Special Intervention Unit. What did you think our mandate was? To intervene in the affairs of other nations?” Balak shook his head. “No, while we do such operations to ensure the survival of the Hegemony at times, our origin lies elsewhere. You see Governor Gaskavan, our sole purpose is to intervene as necessary to ensure the survival of both the Batarian Hegemony and the Batarian people. This civil war threatens that very thing, and so we’re taking over now. To ensure that the Hegemony survives to see another dawn.”

“You’re all mad,” Gaskavan said as he twisted his wrist and a blade popped out of his Omnitool that he used to cut his bindings and lunge at the current head of the SIU. “You and every one of your followers.”

“Mad,” Balak mused as he drew his sidearm and shot the Governor in the throat, causing the other Batarian to collapse as he tried to prevent himself from bleeding out. “Yes, I may be mad, but I have a vision for the future. Something that the Hegemony has lacked for generations. But do not worry, I’m not the monster that you make me out to be. I’m not going to target your family. Nor will I eliminate the families of my enemies. No, they will be given the best training and education that we can find, and when they grow up, they’ll be loyal followers of the new order. Whether they realize it or not.”

Gaskavan struggled to bring the blade up to kill Balak but his arm failed, one last gasp leaving the governor as he died.

“I’m not one to harm someone’s way to paradise,” Balak said as he closed the eyes of Gaskavan. “No one should be deprived of such a journey.”

“You are too merciful,” A voice said out of the shadows. “Better to have him humiliated in public.”

“Maybe that is so,” Balak nodded. “But I am not a barbarian, and I refuse to act like one.”
I like Balak as enlinghtened dictator taking power solely for people.
But,he is still best thing which could happen to Batarians.
Chapter 72
Chapter 72

“Welcome back,” Sparatus greeted Tevos as she walked into the Council chambers for the first time in months. “I was worried I would be the only one left on the Council for a minute there.”

“I was able to retain my position,” Tevos replied with a wan smile. “Have the Salarians decided on a replacement for Vedol yet?”

“They decided to appoint a Dalatrass as an interim Councilor until they have managed to breed a new Councilor,” the Turian replied. “It seems that they were unhappy with Vedol, and desire to have a Councilor that pushes their interests more fully.”

“That could make things interesting around here,” Tevos observed. “Do we have any word on when the Dalatrass will arrive?”

“She should be here in the hour,” Sparatus said as he took a sip of his water. “But, I believe that I’ve met this Dalatrass before, and she may cause some issues.”

“Such as?” Tevos asked.

“She’s one of the few Dalatrasses that desire to push into the Terminus systems to finish their eradication of the Lystheni,” the Turian Councilor sighed. “I would expect something to appear sooner or later.”

“Why appoint her as Councilor then?” Tevos asked. “Surely there would be a better candidate.”

“Aside from her grudge against the Lystheni she’s the picture-perfect neutral Dalatrass,” Sparatus shrugged. “I expect to have no issues with the Salarians as a whole while she retains the office, but should she find evidence of Lystheni,” Sparatus trailed off.

“Then she will push to eradicate them with as much political power as she can bring to bear,” Tevos finished for Sparatus. “Is there a reason for her hatred of them?”

“When the Lystheni were banished, they managed to steal one of the clutches of female Salarians from her clan, and they’ve had to rebuild their entire power structure since then. But the entire problem has resulted in her clan being somewhat ostracized until recent times,” Sparatus said before checking his Omnitool to see a message there. “Osern Horajio is on her way now.”

“Then I guess I should be prepared to meet this Dalatrass,” Tevos responded.

The door flung open to reveal a Salarian slightly taller than most, with a patch over one eye, and a pistol hung on her hip, a small cloak concealing precisely what the rest of her physique looked like.

“Sparatus,” Osern nodded at the Turian as a slight red glow emanated from underneath the eyepatch. “It seems you’ve been doing fairly well since I last saw you.”

“Still pursuing your grudge, I see,” Sparatus retorted. “Seems you’ve lost an eye since our last adventure.”

“Krogan with a grudge,” Osern said with a smug grin. “Was fast enough to wound me, not fast enough to kill me. At least I have been active. Until recently was worried you’d become stagnant.”

“Osern Horajio, I am-”

“Councilor Tevos, currently barely retaining your position due to no better candidates pushed forward as of yet, expectancy in office to only last for a decade or more before unseated,” Osern dismissed the Asari. “Now, time to establish relationship with Humans, push economic recovery by also pursuing ties to the Terminus Commonwealth, chance to bring about stability in the short term to arrange long-term benefits,” The Salarian inhaled before continuing. “Outside context technology fascinating, would love to trade for it, but likely not to happen after the incident that occurred last year.”

“I’m still looking for someone to hang over that mess,” Sparatus said angrily. “I’ve even pulled a handful of Spectres in on my investigation because I know the Batarians weren’t responsible for that. Spirits know that I want to blame them for this, but they’ve been too busy killing each other to pull something like this off.”

Tevos schooled her facial expression into a mask of calm as Sparatus began to rant about the dead ends that his investigation had been reaching.

“Sparatus, not the time for anger,” Osern cut the Turian off. “We have much work to do, yet little time to do it. Must meet with Human ambassador to establish relationship, then must meet with the Volus and Elcor, need to see what sort of trade deals were worked out.”

Osern then grabbed the Turian Councilor and pulled him off of his chair.

“Come, must get to work.”

“I’d forgotten what it was like to work with a fast-paced Salarian,” Tevos chuckled to herself now that she was alone. “Vedol felt like a breath of fresh air compared to most. But I suppose that I should get used to her, she’ll be here for a few years yet.”

“Councilor Sparatus,” Anita Goyle stood up from her desk to greet the councilor. “I wasn’t expecting you, is there something that the Turian Hierarchy would like to speak to the Systems Alliance about?”

“No,” the Turian sighed with longsuffering. “This is the new Interim Councilor for the Salarians, Osern Horajio. She asked for me to get a meeting set up.”

“Ambassador Goyle, pleasure to meet you,” the Salarian sped through a greeting. “Would like to discuss potential Terminus Commonwealth infiltration with your Intelligence at some point, but for now would like to learn more about your species.”

“I would love to sit down and chat at a later point in time,” Goyle replied as Sparatus gave her a slight shake of his head from where Osern couldn’t see. “But I’m currently expecting a call from the Prime Minister, we’re beginning the transition of power as Jack Harper steps down.”

“Yes, understand, will set up meeting later,” Osern said quickly. “Will be calling secretary shortly to confirm appointment.”

“Thank you for the introduction Sparatus,” Goyle said, trying to give the Turian a way out. “Would you like to sit in on this call to meet the new Prime Minister as she comes on?”

“Of course,” Sparatus replied. “I’m afraid that I’ll have to introduce you to the Volus and Elcor ambassadors later, Osern.”

“Nonsense, as good a time as any to meet new head of state for Systems Alliance. Transition of power should always be observed by public officials.”

Sparatus just put his head in his hands and shook it as Osern took a seat across from Ambassador Goyle. “Spirits save us all,” he muttered under his breath. “Spirits save us.”

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