Salarian with grudge,but fine aside of that,and Asari thinking that they could hide fact that they at least helped in kidnapingg.
Interesting,when Terminus show that to rest of Galaxy - they must found at least some files.
Chapter 73
Chapter 73

“Captain Shephard,” Ex-Prime Minister Harper greeted the Systems Alliance captain. “I’ve heard many things about you from some of my admirals. Well, they used to be my admirals anyway,” the man smiled.

“All good things I hope,” the redheaded woman replied. “Ready to see the Citadel for the first time? I’ve heard there’s nothing like it.”

“I’m partial to Arcturus myself, but I think I’ll enjoy the change of scenery,” the ma replied. “To be honest, it’s great not to be in the office anymore. No matter how you prepare for it, you’ll never be prepared for the stress that the job puts on you.”

“You’re not supposed to smoke on Alliance Ships, sir,” the Captain glared at the man as he pulled out a cigar.

“I won’t smoke it here,” Jack assured the woman. “I just have to have it in my lips sometimes. It’s a bad habit, I admit, but it’s my bad habit.”

“As long as it’s not lit I can allow it,” the Captain said as she turned to continue supervising her ship.

“Your ship, it’s the SSV Washington, yes?” Harper asked. “It was commissioned a couple of months ago if I remember correctly.”

“Yes, we’re a part of the first generation of the new Cruisers that are coming online,” Captain Shepherd said as the cruiser moved through space towards the first relay they were supposed to move through. “It’s a shame that you only got to see some of the ships commissioned before you left office.”

“Well, we’re supposed to get more hulls in the next decade than we have in the past twenty years,” Harper said. “I’m hoping that we get to maintain our production rates until we’re comparable to the Turians in everything except for Dreadnaughts.”

Australia, January 1st, 2169AD/CE

“Gotta get out of here,” Miranda Lawson muttered to herself as she began going over plans that she had made a few months ago. “None of this will work,” She buried her face into her palms as she began to bypass her terminal’s locks that normally prevented her from accessing things that she wasn’t supposed to.

“Henry has access to pretty much every area of human space,” Miranda said to herself as she began plotting. “Every area except one,” Her eyes narrowed on a region of space that had seemingly gone independent over the last few years. “Illium will work as a starting point, we just have to get there first.”

“I’m sorry, but no one can know that you helped us escape,” Miranda muttered as she dragged Niket’s unconscious body over to a corner and hid it like she had the rest of the guards. Then, using her biotics, she pulled a toddler’s carriage to her where she then sealed it, typing in the codes that would generate a kinetic barrier around it and sync it up to her Omnitool.

Running out onto the landing pad, Miranda nearly cheered as she saw the ship that she had hoped would be waiting there, her father’s personal craft, designed with speed and functionality in mind.

Rushing up the ramp, Miranda closed it behind her and Oriana before heading right to the cockpit, using the codes that she knew would override the kill switches, she bypassed the standard take-off procedures and quickly piloted the upgraded and repurposed corvette up and into space, not slowing down until she had entered FTL for the relay at Charon.

“Got to disengage the tracking devices,” Miranda said as she stood up and began going through the ship with a fine-toothed comb, killing every bug and tracking device on the ship that could possibly be found. Then, taking Oriana out of the floating bed, she destroyed the tracking device on the armored bed and destroyed it before trying to set her sister down.

“No, don’t cry,” Miranda whispered as she rocked her little sister against her shoulder and tried to lull her back to sleep, her cries easing and gentle snores beginning to come from the toddler. “Shh, shh,” She whispered as she tried to set her down in the bed, only for Oriana to startle back awake and reach for Miranda. “Fine, I’ll hold you,” she picked her sister back up and held her as she piloted the ship through the Charon Relay.

“I’ll trade you,” Miranda said to the smuggler who she sat across from, her black armor melting into the background of the club as something floated just behind her. “Your ship for mine.”

“What’s the catch?” The Turian asked as he folded his arms. “That ship looks fresh from the shipyards, not something that a new bounty hunter would have.”

“I want fifty thousand credits to go with it,” Miranda said as she looked at the Turian, her helmet reflecting his image back at him. “It’s state of the art, and I’m only trading ships because it’ll stick out too much as I go about my business.”

“Call it thirty thousand and I’ll leave the ship’s schematics with the smuggler’s holds on your Omnitool and the armory still stocked,” The Turian bargained.

“Deal,” Miranda said as they began the transfer. “Shall we go to the spacedock and finish this?”

“Agreed,” The Turian said as they both stood up from the table they were at. “I’ll meet you at dock thirteen.”

“I’m looking for Sulinne Pedri,” A dark armored figure said to a bartender.

“She’s over there,” the Batarian indicated. “You got business with her?”

“Of a sorts,” the figure responded as it moved over to the table where the Asari sat. “Sulinne Pedri, wanted in the Asari Republics for murder, arson, and identity theft,” the figure stated as it tossed a holographic wanted poster on the table.

“Look, I’m sure we can work something out,” Sulinne said as she raised her hands.

“I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold,” the figure replied as her hand massaged the handle of her pistol.

Author's Note: if some of the last bit looks familiar it's for a reason. Let's just say that Star Wars exists in both BT and Mass Effect, and a certain person was heavily influenced by it.
Chapter 74
Chapter 74

"This is the Citadel News Network, I'm Emily Wong, and I'm reporting live on the events that have happened in the past couple of days. Just this past week the Galaxy has had a great many changes, from the Terminus Commonwealth to the Systems Alliance, and even the Asari Republics.

"As you can see behind me, I have the newly retired Prime Minister of the Systems Alliance, Jack Harper here behind me ready for his first interview after having visited the Citadel for the first time since he took office. Tell me, Mr. Harper, how are you enjoying your retirement so far?"

"Well, I'm enjoying a bit of time off and touring some of the places that the galaxy has to offer," the man smiled as he spoke. "The Citadel is a gorgeous place, and I hope that one day Arcturus can match its splendor."

"So what are your plans once you leave here?" Emily asked. "If it's not too disruptive to your vacation that is."

"Well, considering the last time I left Systems Alliance space I was a prisoner of war, I think I'm going to enjoy seeing the sights on the Citadel before making my way towards Turian space, plenty of Veterans of the First Contact War from both our side and the Turians need a bit of closure, myself included. So I'm extending an offer for drinks to any veterans of said conflict that's valid on the Citadel while I'm here," the man grinned wide. "And Councilor Sparatus is a deft hand in the Armax Arsenal Arena, I'd love to test his mettle in a couple of rounds if he can spare the time."

"So, why retire now?" Emily asked once her introductory questions had been completed. "I mean, the Systems Alliance doesn't have term limits aside from those in Parliament as of yet, and the statistics pointed towards you being able to not only run but win the next election."

"Sometimes it's good to let the younger generations take over where you left off," Jack said after a minute of thinking. "My time is passed aside from a potential advisory role. I led the Systems Alliance into a time that I hope will continue to be peaceful and productive," he shrugged. "And I'm a bit tired of wrangling politicians around to what should be common sense. Budgets should be balanced and yet they act as if they've never been a college student before," Jack exaggerated with a roll of his eyes. "Besides, I'm overdue for a vacation anyway."

"Unfortunately, that concludes our time for today, we'll now transition back over to the anchors for the rest of today's current events," Emily said with a bright smile.

"Thank you, Emily, for a fantastic job as per usual," A Turian said as a screen lit up behind him. "In other news, we've now had the first Turian Planet decide to join the Urban Combat Championship League, they're mostly funded by their sponsor Armax Arsenal and were formed out of some of the Veterans of the Relay 314 Incident. Their head coach has said, and I quote. "We didn't hate them, and this is a sport that feels too Turian for us not to participate in, so we hired a Volus team to look through the rules and submitted our application a year ago. Armax approached us immediately following our petition to join and offered to sponsor us. We're all grateful for the opportunity to show the galaxy that there is a friendly sport that all races can enjoy."

"Thank you for that fascinating news, Antona Surlin," The Asari anchor said as the viewscreen shifted to the planet of Korlus.

"And finally, the breaking news of the day. Duke Hull of the Terminus Commonwealth announced that he was stepping down into an advisory role as his protege Melissa Steiner takes over running the newly formed nation. We were not able to get a statement at this time, but we expect that one will be provided soon. Shortly after the said announcement, Councilor Tevos was recalled from her position so that voting could take place on a new representative for the Asari Republics.

While there is some speculation as to what the short and long-term effects of this might be, that segment is best left to the professionals. Thank you Citadel, and have a good night."

"You sure you want to do this, Wrex?" A gruff Krogan asked.

"I'm sure if the Turians can get a positive reputation out of this, so can we," the Battlemaster replied. "Besides, it's combat, it'll be fun even if there are rules to it."

"Well, if you're convinced then so am I," Crux Urdnot said with a grin. "You do know that we're going to have to cough up the funds for this ourselves at first."

"I've got enough put away to get us started," Wrex grinned. "You get the Krantt together, and I'll put together the funding and get the lawyers lined up. "I've got a few favors that I'm still owed after all."

"So, you want me to sponsor you and your Krantt to join this Urban Combat Championship League?" Aria asked the Krogan in front of her. "What is in it for me?"

"Besides it making you look even more legitimate ruler in the eyes of the galaxy?" Wrex asked with his arms crossed menacingly. "You owe me one, and I"m collecting it."

"That's an expensive favor," Aria said as she lounged back on her couch. "What even makes you think I can get you hooked up with the right armor and weapons?"

"You've got the right connections," Wrex replied. "And besides, you know that there are some sections of Omega that would be perfect for hosting some of the games. Think of the revenue and popularity boost that comes with hosting this sort of thing."

"You've sold me on it," Aria sighed after a minute. "I know you have lawyers working on this, contact me when everything is arranged and I'll come forward with what you need to get started."
Chapter 75
Chapter 75

“This may be the most exciting moment of any UCCL game yet!” James MacArthur, one of the announcers said over the microphone. “For the first time since the UCCL’s inception, we have a match between the Taetrus Talons and the Rhode Island Knights. This is a day that is marked in history.”

“Agreed Jim, how do you think everyone will fare out there today?” Johnny Lake the co-announcer asked.

“Well, John, the Talons might be a new team, but they’re absolutely dominating in both training and equipment so far, given this is their first match and it’s against one of the top-rated teams in the Systems Alliance. And while this is merely a testing match to see where they rank, I fully expect the match of the year!”

“It looks like they’re about to get started here in a few moments,” Johnny said as the handful of city blocks began to have drone cameras show up in strategic places. “Today’s match is also going to be featuring an entirely new sort of match that the UCCL has come up with.”

“That’s right Johnny, they’re going to be playing an old game that we’ve brought back to life for the league,” Jim said as he glanced down at his notes. “From what I understand It started out life as capture the flag but has evolved to be something quite a bit different. John, you were involved in the process of getting this new mode approved for safety so can you tell me something about it? And so that our audience understands what the goal for this match is.”

“Well, for one thing, each team has a designated medic zone where “wounded” teammates can be brought back and then reintroduced into the field of play. Once a team scores, the round is reset and all teams go back to their starting positions,” John explained. “Now, I’m not going to give the entire game away because there are a few surprises this year and I’d like to see how people react to them.”

“It looks like we’re going to have to be on our toes, people,” Jim said with a grin. “Now, on to the action.”

“Tertiius, I need you and team one to stay and hold our objective,” Captain Decbus Albinian ordered the leader of team one. “Teams two and three will push up to try and take the objective.”

“Copy that,” Tertiius replied. “Campalius, I need turrets set up in defensive locations here, here, and here,” he indicated a couple of locations on the maps that were synced between all of their Omnitools. “We’ve got to hold this down while our other squads go secure the enemy flag.”
“Moving,” Campalius responded as he grabbed his partner and began moving to set up some remote defenses.

“Albucus, I want you on overwatch, make sure that your vantage point is hidden though, we don’t want to end up without covering fire.”

“Roger, setting up shop,” the sniper replied as he began climbing up a building to get to a higher vantage point, occasionally using his biotics to boost himself to areas he couldn’t naturally jump to.

“This is Albucus, I’ve eliminated their sniper, shifting positions now,” the sniper reported.

“Good, we’ve got this locked down,” Tertiius confirmed. “Just lay low until you’re in a good position to provide support.”

“Copy, doing dark.”

“They’re pushing up!” Campalius reported as he exchanged fire with one of the Rhode Island Knights, dropping him down into the “wounded” status before two other Knights pulled off a hellish crossfire, managing to kill both Campalius and the turrets that he was responsible for.

“Sorry boys,” a voice said over the comms. “But we’ve got a reputation to protect,” two grenades bounced into the room and rendered everyone but Tertiius down as per the rules before two Knights rushed up and grabbed the flag before rushing out of the room, one going down to a sniper round from Albucus while the other continued sprinting into cover.

“Round one is over, and boy was it a close round,” Jim said as behind him played some of the first round’s best moments. “The Turians were able to take out the defenses on the Knight’s flag and secure it but ran into problems when the Knights were returning with the Turian flag.”

“That’s right Jim, and it’s games like this one where the true champions are forged, with both sides having an opportunity to win this, it’s anyone’s game out there!”

“That was great!” Oliver Price, the captain of the Rhode Island Knights patted Captain Albinian on the back while they were in the locker rooms. “For people new to the game, y’all play really well.”

“Thanks,” the Turian replied. “Even though we tied, it was still fun.”

“Look, normally I take the Knights out for drinks, but we wanted to invite y’all out tonight too,” Price said as he pulled on a pair of jeans and a jacket with the Rhode Island Knight’s emblem on it. “We’re not looking to party, just pick brains for a better way to do our jobs. This isn’t an actual warzone after all, it’s a game, and all of us have traded pointers with other teams one way or another.”

“Let me ask the rest of the team if they want to join in,” Albinian replied.

“Dude, I never even saw where you were,” the Rhode Island sniper said to Albucus. “How’d you manage to conceal so well?”

“Well, it wasn’t that I was better concealed then you were, you did a good job at that yourself, but you didn’t pull back far enough into the room for your barrel to still be inside, that’s what gave you away.”

“I’ll have to remember that trick for the next time we face off,” the Knight said with a grin before taking a swig of his beer. “Too bad it’ll be next season before that happens.”

“Yep, being in opposite sectors means that we play against different teams,” Albucus said with a sigh. “Just means that we both have to win our league championships before moving on to the big prize.”

“See you at the UCCL championship?” The Knight asked as he raised his beer.

“See you there.”
Militia Unit #1 Centurion (ASF)
Centurion CNT-5D
Mass: 30 tons
Chassis: Unknown
Power Plant: 240 Fusion
Armor: Standard
3 Medium Laser
2 SRM 6
Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3050
Tech Rating/Availability: F/X-X-E-D
Cost: 2,139,000 C-bills

Mass: 30 tons
Frame: Unknown
Power Plant: 240 Fusion
Armor: Standard
3 Medium Laser
2 SRM 6
Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3050
Tech Rating/Availability: F/X-X-E-D
Cost: 2,139,000 C-bills

Type: Centurion
Technology Base: Mixed (Standard)
Tonnage: 30
Battle Value: 1,279

Equipment Mass
240 Fusion​
Safe Thrust:
Max Thrust:
Structural Integrity:
Heat Sinks:
10 [20]​
Armor Factor:


and Ammo​
Location Tonnage Heat SRV MRV LRV ERV
Medium Laser
3 5 0 0 0
4 8 0 0 0
Medium Laser
3 5 0 0 0
SRM 6 Ammo (30)
- - - - -
Medium Laser
3 5 0 0 0
4 8 0 0 0

Author's Note: This is the new standard ASF for militia units in the Terminus Commonwealth. Yes, I'm aware that there's a chance of someone stealing the specs on a Medium laser. But it's a risk they have to take. Besides, this thing is technically 11 tons overweight when you tie in the Mass Effect generator that is built in with it. It's fast, it has decent armament, and it's got armor enough to go head to head with a Royal Stuka for long enough to at least harrass it.
Chapter 76
Chapter 76

“Are you sure you don’t want to step out of retirement again?” Melissa asked.

“I’m sure,” I said as I tossed another log onto the fire that we were all sitting around, this being the beginning of what Natasha and I were going to be doing instead of piloting mechs and running around trying to put fires out. “I’m not normally one for camping, but it’s always interesting to me how the stars change on every planet. You look up, expecting the same stars that you get familiar with from your homeworld, but when you look, everything seems unfamiliar. It’s a reminder of how vast the universe is, and how incredible it is that we’re here at all. If any one specific thing had gone even the slightest bit wrong we wouldn’t be here.”

“So you’re telling me that you’re not planning on taking up your position again,” Melissa said with a grin. “Got it.”

“Sorry,” I said with a smile as Natasha leaned on me. “I’m trying to do something that I should have done a long time ago.”

“And what’s that?” Melissa asked.

“Pass on the torch to the next generation. I’ll still be around for advice and such, but y’all don’t need me to make this work,” I replied as I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the warmth of the fire. “I know I look like I’m still in my twenties, but Melissa, I’m old. I’ll be around eighty this year, and we were supposed to have retired years ago.”

“Alright old man,” Melissa said as she reached behind her log and pulled out a container with some marshmallows. “But I expect you to still hang around and give life advice and other things until I’m ready to retire.”

“No promises,” I chuckled. “But we’ll see what we can do.”

“Arthur will receive training from both of us should he desire it,” Natasha spoke up. “And do not be afraid to call on us if it is needed. Despite my husband’s words, he shall want something to keep himself busy.”

“So you want to stop terraforming sections of Korlus and use them for Solaris-style games?” Melissa asked the small group of engineers in front of her.

“Yes ma’am, we’ve asked the Governor of Korlus and she approved our plan, so we’re approaching you to make sure that everything stays legal and so that some of our tech doesn’t get stolen,” Dr. Jones, the leader of this group said.

“I’ll approve this tentatively,” Melissa said as she looked at the small group. “I’ll have Doctor Rogers put together a list of approved technology that you’ll be allowed to modify and use in these games.”

“Thank you,” Dr. Jones said with a small smile. “We’ll make sure that the regulations are followed to the letter.”

“Sure you will,” Melissa muttered under her breath as the scientists left her office. “They’ll end up broken the minute you think you can get away with it.”

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, Kaem'Veem,” Melissa greeted the current chief of the Terminus Quarians and the worlds they had brought into the Commonwealth with them. “I was hoping you’d have an update on the state of your local militia units. We’re trying to get things more uniform across the board so that we can ensure supplies go to the right places in the event of war.”

“The tank factories are progressing as planned,” Kaem said as his eyes glowed a bit, giving him a savage look when combined with the trophies that he had taken from his enemies that were hanging around his neck. “They should be up and running within a year and we should be producing beyond what we need in the years after that. That’s what the engineers and techs tell me at least.”

“But it’s likely over budget and late, isn’t it?” Melissa asked with a smile.

“Knowing how these things go, yes,” the Quarian sighed. “While I am grateful that you are merely instructing and giving us the basic plans for the factories while allowing us to be self-sufficient, there are times in which I wish that you had merely sent in more than the few advisors and had built the factories yourselves.”

“That would work contrary to what we’re trying to accomplish here,” Melissa said with a smile. “Our navy isn’t yet big enough to have defenses over every world in the Commonwealth aside from ASF that are stationed on various stations. We want every one of you to be able to both defend yourself and produce your own spare parts for whatever it is that you have to defend yourself with. It’s part of the reason we’re starting off with basic tech and factories while we research the other things that we want to produce. Having healthy industries on every planet won’t only make us more difficult to crack as a nation, but will mean that our economy will remain strong even if something does threaten us.”

“I certainly hope so,” Kaem said as he sighed again. “Because fighting with the local politicians over how everything gets approved and such has become a pain. One that I would not wish on my worst enemy.”

“That sounds like politics,” Melissa agreed. “We’re going to be sending over some raw materials from Korlus to be used wherever it’s needed most over the next few years as we step up recycling measures.”

“It would certainly help us rebuild some of the destroyed facilities that we were unable to when the last pirate raid came through,” the Quarian mused. “We shall have to see where it is needed most.”

“I’ll leave that to the specialists,” Melissa said with a laugh. “I’m far too busy to figure out exactly where everything needs to go in every area of the Commonwealth. Delegation is the single most useful superpower, and I’m making use of it as best I can.”

Author’s Note: Probably going to be a couple of time skips soon as I try to bring things somewhat closer to the regular timeline. What’s left of it, anyway.
Time skip - good idea.I wait to see faces of those Asari fossils when they leave their hole and get catch by Terminus Alliance.
And,factories for each planet - very good idea.
Chapter 77
Chapter 77

“So that’s the final verdict then?” I asked the doctor as I felt a sort of calm just flow through me.

“I’m afraid so,” the doctor replied. “For the foreseeable future you’ll be unable to utilize a neurohelmet for anything beyond using a suit of Mithril, and using one of those for too long could cause even more damage to the neural tissue. Now, in time you may be able to pilot a mech again, but you’ll likely have to relearn everything from scratch.”

“Alright then,” I said as I began processing things almost exactly the same way I had back when I was fifteen and had nearly lost my eye in an accident. “Can I get all of the details in writing? I’d like some time to look over things and to see what potential treatments there are.”

“Absolutely,” he responded. “It’ll take me a bit of time to put together the proper material, but I should have it ready by the time you’re checked out.”

“Thank you,” I said as I saw Natasha clench in anger to my left. “I think we’d like some privacy please.”

Grabbing Natasha, I pulled her into my lap and squeezed her tight in my arms.

“I’m here and alive,” I whispered to the redhead as I felt the rage and fear begin to seep out of her. “That’s more important than being able to pilot a mech or get into a suit of powered armor again.”

“How are you so calm about this?!” Natasha asked as she forced herself into a standing position where I could see her eyes blazing in fury. “Those Asari broke a part of your mind, and you are just going to sit there calmly?!”

“I’ll probably have a breakdown later,” I admitted with a wry grin and a shrug. “But this isn’t the first time my life or plans have been wrecked by something outside of my control. Being angry about it won’t get me very far, and I know that there’s a chance I can regain what was lost,” I looked my wife in the eyes as I stood up. “If I sit and feel sorry for myself, or wallow in self-pity then I become immobile and will inevitably self-destruct. I have too much to live for and to look forward to for that to happen. Sure, it would be easy to just blame everything on the Asari who did this and just wallow in misery, but the easy path isn’t always the way forward. I’m going to take the hard, long, slow path that may not even end with me regaining the ability to pilot a mech.”

“Sometimes I wish you would be angry,” Natasha said as she stormed out of the room, the door slamming shut behind her.

“Well,” I sighed. “That went well.”

“Is there a reason you asked me to meet you on the Citadel when you haven’t wanted anything to do with me for nearly a century?” Aethyta asked Benezia with crossed arms.

“I want you to serve as my advisor,” Benezia said with a sigh as she met her once lover’s eyes. “I’m to replace Tevos as Councilor, and I could use your expertise.”

“No,” Aethyta stated firmly as she shook her head. “No, that ship has sailed as my newfound friends would say.”

“Why chose someone who does not know you over me though? Over Liara?” Benezia asked.

“Because for once I’ve found people that understand exactly what I stand for,” Aethyta replied as anger caused her biotics to flare behind her eyes for a moment. “And don’t bring Liara into this. From what I understand, she doesn’t even know that I exist. Which is just the way that you wanted it.”

“But things can be different now,” Benezia pleaded. “Surely you can see that?”

“I can see that you are just the same as ever,” Aethyta finished her drink before motioning a waiter over to their private booth. “I’ll take the check, I think we’re done here.”

“Just wait a moment,” Benezia asked, almost physically dragging Aethyta down into the booth. “What would it take for you to accept?”

“Anything you could have offered would have had to take place years ago,” Aethyta said coldly. “I respected you once, but now I see that you’re just the same as all of the other Matriarchs that cast me out, and I don’t want anything more to do with it.”

Aethyta stood up and handed a credit chit to the Salarian waiter, a sizable tip on it for him. “Enjoy your dinner Benezia, I’m afraid I’ve got other places to be.”

And with those parting words, the Matriarch walked out of the restaurant and into the foot traffic of the Citadel, disappearing into the crowds as she made her way to the spacedocks.

“You know, this isn’t where I expected to find you,” MacIntosh said as he sat down on the row of chairs behind me.

“I haven’t exactly been the most faithful churchgoer in a while,” I admitted as I closed the Bible that I had been reading. “I’ve kept up my reading and my prayers, but I admit that I’ve sorely forsaken the gathering,” I laughed with a touch of bitterness. “It’s actually kinda funny when you think about it. I was a youth pastor for a while, thought that it was going to be what I would do for the rest of my life.”

“What happened?” the Blackwatch major asked as he leaned back.

“A lot of things that aren’t important now,” I said as I set the Bible down on the chair next to me. “Natasha still isn’t talking to me. I think this is the angriest she’s ever been with me.”

“You do seem rather calm about this whole situation,” MacIntosh pointed out. “It feels a bit odd to most people.”

“Being angry requires energy,” I smiled sadly. “Energy that I don’t have right now. Ian, my nervous system is really messed up, and I’m lucky that I’m not wheelchair-bound for the rest of my life.”

“What options are there to help?” Ian asked.

“Finding an Asari Mind healer that we can trust and spending the next decade rebuilding my responses to various stimuli,” I replied. “Despite all of the miracles of modern technology, there’s still so much that we don’t understand.”

“Damn,” Ian winced. “Does Melissa know yet?”

“I’m not telling her until she’s firmly settled into her position,” I said as I started to gather up the things I had brought with me. “No need to burden her with more than she can handle right now.”

“Well, I hope you enjoy retirement,” Ian tried to change the subject.

“I’m not just going to be retired,” I said with a laugh as I slung my bag onto my back. “I’m retired and extremely dangerous.”
Aethyta could find him mind-healer.It would certainly help her faction among Asari.
About Bible - what kind of christiand come to ME universe with them? protestants? which kind? if catholic,then again,which kind?
Probably not orthodox.
Aethyta could find him mind-healer.It would certainly help her faction among Asari.
About Bible - what kind of christiand come to ME universe with them? protestants? which kind? if catholic,then again,which kind?
Probably not orthodox.
I'm pretty sure he's on the Old Testament section on Vengeance, Fire and Brimstone. Especially with that quote on being retired and dangerous. Now he can devote all the time he has left to achieving his Vengeance.
I'm pretty sure he's on the Old Testament section on Vengeance, Fire and Brimstone. Especially with that quote on being retired and dangerous. Now he can devote all the time he has left to achieving his Vengeance.

So,Clin Eastwood as Priest ?
I like it.Wild West Bible is best Bible !
Chapter 78
Chapter 78

“Here to end it?” Jack Harper asked as he stared outside the window of the hotel he had been staying in on Palaven. “I’d have thought you’d have come a bit sooner.”

“That is what my brother sent me here to do,” a Turian voice said from behind the once Prime Minister. “But you seem to be done with life anyway. Killing you would a mercy compared to what lies ahead.”

“You’ve seen the visions too,” Harper muttered. “You know what we have to prepare for.”

“No, that would be my brother,” The Turian replied. “I’m merely here to get a different viewpoint.”

“I’ve done what I can to prepare the Systems Alliance for the coming storm,” Harper said as he continued to look out at the dark planet below him. “I’m not willing to succumb to the coming darkness yet.”

“Interesting,” the voice said with some amusement. “My brother is willing to sacrifice much to avoid what he sees as the end. But here you are, holding onto hope that you will somehow escape the coming judgement.”

“There’s a quote from our fiction that always feels appropriate,” Harper said as he lit up a cigar and puffed on it. “It is an undeniable, and may I say fundamental quality of man, that when faced with extinction, every alternative is preferable,” Harper exhaled a small cloud of smoke. “It is when we are backed into a corner that we find out who we really are,” Jack turned around and looked at Saren Arterius. “I already know what kind of person your brother is, one who is willing to sacrifice others for his own agenda when backed into what he believes to be a corner,” the man smiled to himself as he stuck the cigar between his lips again. “The question is; What is Saren Arterius made of?”

“Yes, I understand,” the figure spoke into its Omnitool. “I’ll see to it that it is done immediately.”

“I still have many contacts left, I have no need of the funding that you wish to provide. And I’ll be sending some of my people out to scout the target soon. I think that I can persuade them to be of service to us.

Yes, I am aware that they are savages, but they are something that we can make use of.

My contacts among the Dalatrasses asure me that what we desire can be done with the right kinds of restrictions and will be getting the STG working on what we need.

“I take it you’re still mad at Mark?” Melissa asked Natasha as the blond continued to sort the paperwork by what she actually needed to do and what needed to go back to the younger secretaries.

“Yes,” Natasha admitted. “Tell me that you have something that needs to be done.”

“There’s some potential pirate issues that might crop up on Kaem’s worlds,” Melissa offered hesitantly. “Nothing concrete, but we’ve been getting a QRF ready all the same.”

“I shall take it,” Natasha said as she stood up. “I will return once I have worked out what exactly it is that I feel.”

“Just try not to stay apart from him too long,” Melissa offered with a sincere smile. “This is going to be one of the hardest times of his life, and he’ll need you there for it.”

Natasha simply turned and walked off, her face a mask of icy cold fury as she left the office.

“I tried,” Melissa sighed as she pushed away her paperwork before standing up from her desk and pacing a bit. “Maybe I should have sent her on Samara’s request after all,” She glanced down at the mission brief that had been filled out. “No, she’s not ready for a clandestine op right now,” Melissa sat back down and began setting up a call to the now retired Hull.

“Hey Mel!” The old man in a young body greeted the Steiner. “Is there something I can help you with before I head out on this hunting trip?”

“Just letting you know that Natasha is heading out for one of Kaem’s worlds. She’s still pretty angry at you,” Melissa said.

“I know,” Mark said with a lighthearted smile. “I’m gonna give her some space, let her figure out exactly how she feels and how she wants to navigate this whole thing. I’ll still be here when she’s done.”

“Aren’t you worried?” Melissa asked, not really understanding.

“A little bit,” the man laughed. “But Natasha has to make her own decisions. I can’t make them for her. Free will is important, and I wouldn’t stand against it for anything you could offer me. Besides, I have faith that she’ll be back before I start the journey back towards health.”

“You’re certain that this is where we are to meet Mirala?” Samara asked her oldest daughter Rila.

“I am certain that these are the location that was provided to us,” Rila replied. “I would give her some time though. It is clear that she has been up to something clandestine or secretive in nature.”

The trio of Asari waited in the corner of the bar that had been sent as a meeting place by the youngest daughter of the Matriarch.

Then, after thirty minutes of waiting, a figure brushed past and a small datapad fell onto the table.

“Well?” Samara asked Falere.

“Follow me,” Felere replied as she stood up and left a credit chit to pay for the drinks. “We’ve got to move.”

“This is where we were supposed to move to,” Falere said as she examined the datapad. “She should be here.”

“It is an ominous place for a meeting,” Samara said as she looked at the perfect imitations of once great Asari.

“But it also works out great because most Asari will never come here,” a voice said from behind the trio.

“Unless you were two academics?” Rila asked as she embraced the youngest sister. “You’ve grown a bit Mirala.”

“I had to,” the slightly smaller Asari said with a smile. “I’ve been working my way up through the Shadow Broker’s ranks trying to find out where Mother was. Only to find out that she’s already free.”

“Mirala,” Samara said as she tried to maintain composure before giving in and embracing all of her daughters as tears flowed freely from her eyes. “I feared I would never see the three of you again.”

“We’re here,” Falere said as she squeezed her mother back. “And we’re not going anywhere.”
Chapter 79
Chapter 79
Veil, Terminus Commonwealth June 7, 2170

“I’m both trained and certified in mind healing,” Mírala said as she glanced around at the heavily armed and armored soldiers guarding me. “But I didn’t expect to be brought into the fold so soon.”

“Samara has my full trust,” I said firmly as I looked at the younger Asari. “You do not yet, hence the bodyguards. But I need to work on recovering, and we aren’t exactly sitting on a wellspring of mind healers that we can trust.”

“Now that makes a bit more sense,” the Asari replied as she leaned back on the couch. “Just to clarify, the only way to start doing this is to meld with you, and even if it is not my intention I will be glimpsing into the core of not only what you know, but I’m going to be understanding exactly what makes you. Well, you on a level that no one else will.”

“I see,” I said as I considered that statement. “I think I’ll still push forward. The path to recovery has to start somewhere.”

“You may never regain everything,” Mírala said with a severe expression on her face. “And if I do something wrong you may end up worse off than you were before.”

“That’s a risk I will have to take,” I said with a small smile. “But I’m well aware of the risks I’ve taken throughout my life. This is no more dangerous than anything else I’ve had to do in my life. Should the worst happen then I’ll have to accept that fact. But first, let us see where this road takes us.

August 10, 2170

“How was your first day at school?” Melissa asked her son as he entered her office while she moved from behind her desk to the couch to help him take off his backpack.

“It was good,” Arthur smiled with a grin that was missing several teeth as his new ones grew in. “I’m already ahead but it was fun anyway,” his eyes lit up. “The playground was awesome!” he said as his mind went back to what he had done on it. “Can we get one for the house?”

“Maybe,” Melissa said with a smile. “We’ll see how you do in school first. You have to earn these sorts of things, you know.”

“No fair,” Arthur retorted. “We have the money, we could easily do it.”

“Sure Arthur,” Melissa said as she pulled her son up into her lap. “We have the money, but that money would be better spent elsewhere. Come on, I’ve got something to show you.”

“Where are we going?” Arthur asked as the unmarked sedan pulled off to a stop in the middle of Korlus.

“You’ll see,” Melissa said as she stepped out of the vehicle, helped by a member of the 4th Royal Guards.

Before the current head of the Terminus Commonwealth and her son was a series of buildings being constructed underneath a dome, the workers were hard at work measuring and ensuring everything was up to code as they worked at constructing the prefabricated structures that would be home to many people currently living out in domes that were being rebuilt.

“Come on, walk with me,” Melissa said as she pulled at her son’s hand, leading him to an area that seemed dark.

“Mary!” A giant of a Krogan ran up and scooped the woman up into a hug. “I see you brought a little one with you today.”

“Here to teach him what we’re putting all of our personal wealth into,” Melissa smiled in reply.

“Oh, well we’ve finally managed to get the eighth level’s lighting fixed, so you should be able to go down that far. But the ninth and below haven’t been cleared out yet,” Rordan Khirm replied as he scratched his chin.

“Thank you Rordan,” Melissa said. “I’ll make my way over now.”

With that, the Krogan departed for whatever his destination was beforehand.

Arthur just remained silent as the dome got more decrepit as they moved along, the buildings now just used up spaceship hulls with homes carved into them with dirt paths in between, and open-air stores with homemade signs explaining what goods they were selling.

“What is this place?” Arthur asked.

“This is what Korlus used to look like all over,” Melissa explained as they entered what appeared to be the remnants of a dreadnaught. “And this is merely one group of many who refused government aid with clearing everything out before it gets recycled and rebuilt. I come down here at least twice a week and help them out by providing tools and whatever assistance they need to progress. Whether it be swinging a sledgehammer or using a varmint rifle to clear out pests.”

“But why not force them to clear it out?” Arthur asked. “Wouldn’t that be faster?”

“Sure it would,” a Turian voice flanged out in answer. “But it would break the spirit of these folks, and destroy what they’ve made with their own two hands. They know that they’re not as fast as the crews that are working on the rest of it. But they don’t care, this is the work that they want to do, them and their families.”

“Cayde,” Melissa greeted the Turian. “How are the inspections going?”

“The new work they’re doing is up to code,” the old barefaced Turian replied. “Pace they’re at, this area will be cleaned out in the next decade or so.”

“That old Asari dreadnaught still the lone issue?” Melissa asked with a sigh.

“That’s right,” the Turian leaned against the wall. “They might have to bring in outside help as they move further in, there’s still enough hazmat down there that regs won’t permit them to remove some of it.”

“I’ll see who I can free up to help out,” Melissa said as she pinched the bridge of her nose. “Most of my people are back helping out some of the other arcologies.”

“We’ll take what we can get,” Cayde said with a shrug. “It’s not like they’re in any rush right now to clear out the other levels yet.”

“Thanks, Cayde,” Melissa said as she accepted the slate with the data on it for the inspections. “I’ll get back to you with an update soon.”

“You know they’re going to figure out who you are eventually,” Cayde said as he stood up properly. “And when it happens that they won’t let you help anymore.”

“I know,” Melissa said with a bitter smile. “But it’s still something that needs to be done. And they won’t accept any government assistance. So I’m doing what I can personally.”

“Just warning you,” Cayde said as he turned his back. “People like this won’t accept the help anymore afterward.”
spaceships as homes? HOW? and why people there do not want Mellisa help ?
But,helping people help themselves is good idea.

P.S There was SB crossover of Halo,Mass Effect and monster girls with Master chef leading team of cute monstergirls to seek clues about Reapers.
Good one,forget title unfortunatelly.And it seems dead anyway.
Chapter 80
Chapter 80

Korlus, Terminus Commonwealth January 15, 2175

“Thank you for being able to watch Arthur,” Melissa said to me as the eleven-year-old ran in to play with the toys that I had set aside.

“It’s not a problem,” I said as I smiled at the two children playing. “Yvonne and Ian dropped off Elizabeth so they could go on a date anyway.”

“Natasha’s not home yet?” Melissa asked as she stepped inside for a minute. “I thought she’d have already left to come here.”

“She stopped to pick up some groceries,” I replied. “I hadn’t realized that I was out of some crucial ingredients needed to bake cookies.”

“Hopefully we adults can get some of those cookies as well?” Melissa asked with a hopeful expression.

“Depends on if there are any left,” I replied with a wink and a smile. “I do have a couple of people here with snack-sized stomachs for this sort of thing.”

“Well, I’ll see what’s left when I’m back then,” Melissa said before turning over to address Arthur. “I love you! I’ll see you when I get back.”

“I love you too,” Arthur said as he gave Melissa a hug. “I’ll see you later.”

“Shhh,” Natasha said to the trio as they walked into the room. “They are both sleeping.”

“Okay,” Melissa said as she closed the door quietly behind her and the other two parents. “How was Arthur?”

“He was good,” I replied as I pulled out a seat for the current head of the Terminus Commonwealth. “Elizabeth was good too,” I told Yvonne and Ian. “Cookie?” I picked up the plate of cookies and showed them off.

“Sure,” Ian said as he picked up a cookie off the plate. “The kids help make these?”

“They did,” Natasha said with a smile. “Then we managed to work all their energy out with some games before bedtime.”

“Thank you,” Yvonne breathed with a look of relief on her face. “We needed the time away.”

“Trust me, we understand,” I said with a laugh. “We did raise a few children of our own.”

“You sure you don’t want your position back?” Melissa asked with a sigh.

“I’m sure,” I replied. “I’m still working through my nervous system stuff with Mirala anyway.”

“Is it going well?” Ian asked.

“It is not going bad,” Natasha replied with a glance at me. “There are some things we’ve learned in this process, and it has made our relationship a bit stronger as well.”

“Turns out that you have to do deep dives back into memories of the past,” I said with a humorless smile. “Your body remembers the things that happened even if your mind’s forgotten some of them. It’s why I’m wearing the eyepatch today. Went back over some teenage memories, and my body is having to remember that my eye works fine.”

“Aside from remembering traumatizing events, we have been able to recover his system to a little more than half of what it is supposed to be,” Natasha explained. “Should we continue he will be able to pilot a mech again, but he won’t be nearly as compatible with neurohelmets as he was before.”

“Thankfully, our neurohelmets are good and able to cover the gaps where I might have issues. If we were still using the Succession Wars era Neurohelmets then I would never be able to pilot again.”

“How long until the healing process is complete?” Melissa asked as she munched on a cookie.

“Another two to five years,” I replied. “Why? You need me for something? I’m able to use Mithril at the right levels again, so I can at least be of some use.”

“I need someone to help advise me on some negotiations we’re taking with the Citadel species,” Melissa said with a sigh as she sent the relevant data over to my slate. “We’re currently stonewalled, with the Asari Councilor Benezia trying to push for sanctions on us while the Turians are trying to increase trade with us.”

“And the Salarian Councilor is sitting on the fence?” I asked.

“No,” Melissa shook her head. “That’s the odd thing, Osern Horajio has been keeping out of it entirely while focusing on building relations with the other Citadel species.”

“Well, I’ll do what I can,” I said. “But Natasha is going to come with, and I’m not going anywhere without a rifle and a bodyguard.”

“I’m not crazy,” Melissa rolled her eyes. “Of course, we’re not setting food anywhere on the Citadel. We’re meeting in a neutral and as of yet, undisclosed location.”

“Unpublicized meeting?” I asked. “Alright, count us in, but we might bring along Samara and Aethyta. I might be running your Intel department until someone else comes along, but Aethyta is the one with the most contacts.”

“And Samara?” Yvonne asked.

“She’s the bodyguard,” I shrugged. “She normally doesn’t let me out of her sight unless her daughters are visiting.”

“Well,” Ian yawned as he stretched. “I think it’s time we take Elizabeth and head off to bed.”

“Have a good night,” Natasha said as she stood up and helped them pick up the ten-year-old.

“Anyway,” Melissa stood up to start collecting her son. “I’ll get with you on the details later, I just didn’t want to spring this on you at the last moment.”

“I’m here for whatever help you need, Mel,” I replied. “I’m retired, not decrepit.”

Author’s Note: Sorry for the late (and short) update, This week hasn’t been the best and I got sidetracked. Should be back on my regular updates soon.

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