Chapter 37
Chapter 37

Kar’shan December 2164

“Captain Ghathan Gon'nakan, I do not recall giving instructions that included possible retreat,” Orosk Drac'newar, the current Grand Admiral of the Batarian Hegemony’s fleet stated coldly. “In fact, I believe I sent you and Admiral Crerbolak out with a battlegroup made up of our most up-to-date designs.” The Grand Admiral folded his arms across his chest. “Now tell me, why have you fallen back in the face of a nation that only had one planet to its name at the time?”

“Because I wished to preserve what was left of the battlegroup and to ensure that the Hegemony received as much intelligence on the enemies we face as possible,” Ghathan groveled before the Grand Admiral. “I am entirely at your disposal Admital.”

“Yes, you are,” Drac’newar stated coldly. “You will continue to live for now. Though you are to be stripped of your rank and the privileges that are granted to you and your family.” The Grand Admiral looked at the lower caste Batarian with an expression of seeming disinterest. “Should you manage to regain your rank then I will restore your family’s place. But should you fail, then you know what the penalty for that is.”

“Yes Admiral,” Ghathan bowed low, averting his eyes. “I understand. I shall make every effort to redeem both myself and my family.”

“Yes, I believe you shall,” Drac’Newar agreed. “You are dismissed, Ensign, do not return unless otherwise ordered by myself or another general.”

“They are a weak species and we should continue to strike,” General Grey Ghendekan said as his fist struck the table, his four eyes looking at the recording of the battle recently fought in the void of the Imir system. “They only had a small outdated fleet, if we push now then we can overwhelm them, and force them to bow to the superior might of the Hegemony.”

“We do not know what other defenses lie in the system though,” Grand Admiral Drac’Newar stated. “And while this ‘Terminus Commonwealth’ only has the resources of one world currently, our spies tell us that there are quite a few worlds that are in negotiations with them. I agree with General Ghendekan though, the Grand Admiral slammed his hands down on the table for emphasis when some of the other military leaders of the Hegemony looked distracted. “We must strike fast, because if we give them time to build up their forces then this war will turn into one of attrition.”

“A war of attrition that we can afford much more easily than they can,” the smug voice of the Hegemon’s main advisor spoke up. “We also are more willing to use slaves as fodder, so let them start this war of attrition, because for every slave or lower caste soldier that dies on the field of battle is one less that has the chance to turn against us here in the Hegemony, let us send off the troublemakers, and the outcasts, and anyone who dares oppose us.” Dhorlak Son'dahan grinned, and many of the assembled leaders began to smile and cheer. “This is the chance to purge our society of those who are sympathetic to those who would be our enemies, and to make the Hegemony an even greater bastion of our way of life.”

“I am in favor of Dhorlak’s plan,” the Hegemon spoke plainly. “We will make every effort to see that it is done.”

“As the Hegemon wills,” the assembled officers and leaders stated in unison.

“You are dismissed,” the Hegemon said with a wave of his hand. “There is much for me to consider and meditate on.”

“We should have done something,” Ghendekan said to Drac’Newar. “We both know that this war will be the undoing of the Hegemony if our predictions are correct.”

“We have been given our orders, Grey,” the Grand Admiral sighed as he looked at his old friend. “And we must do our best to carry them out in the way that the Hegemon has commanded.”

“Orask, should we fail to do this properly, then the Hegemony will fall to its own internal turmoil as the cracks that we have been releasing the pressure on slowly become ripped open gaping wounds,” Grey stated. “You may be willing to fall in line and obey that sniveling coward of an advisor, but i and those who follow me shall not stand for it.” General Ghendekan stormed off.

“I’ll not be the one to give you up old friend,” The Grand Admiral muttered sadly as he went to walk in the opposite direction. “But I will not sacrifice everything I have built for your dream of a free Hegemony.”
Chapter 38
Chapter 38

Imir System, Early January 2165

“The first of the shipyards over Korlus is coming online now,” Dr. Rogers said as she submitted her reports on the construction. “Using the Omniforges to print most of the ship using a mixture of materials from where we’re from and this strange new Galaxy looks to be fairly efficient. And given that our first shipment of Element Zero is supposed to be here by the time the first Glamdring needs her core.”

“Good,” I said as I glanced down at the report. “Any word on the yards over Veil, yet?”

“Yep,” Rogers said as she relaxed on my sofa. “The First one should be operational in March, with the first experimental Warship coming off of the yard in December of this year.”

“Dr. Kelley sent me figures for how fast we could be producing the Glamdring class destroyers a couple of weeks ago,” I said as I opened my slate and found the document that I was looking for. “He said that once we get both yards operating over Korlus at full capacity we could be looking at something like six to ten ships a year, and that number jumps up to a dozen ships a year once we really dial in the shipbuilding practices.”

“That doesn’t take into account us deciding to add another yard or two to the yards over Korlus,” Rogers said as she looked at the file I had just sent over to her slate. “It also doesn’t consider us deciding to begin production of the Glamdring in the yards that will be in place over Veil.” She sent over some revised numbers with explanations detailed in the margins.

“That’s nearly five ships a month,” I said as I flipped through. “Sixty ships a year will be more production out of one system than we ever had back home.”

“Now granted,” Rogers said as a caveat. “These kinds of numbers are only possible with one more Shipyard in Imir, and us utilizing the ones over Veil as support for building up a fleet of Destroyers before we get the rest of our fleet up and running.”

“Nothing in Imir will be over a cruiser,” I said with finality. “We’re going to be building the Carriers and Narsil class ships over Veil. That’s going to be hidden barring any major emergencies.”

“Then you’ll be restricted in fleet growth,” Rogers said bluntly. “Now, I am tired and have been up since yesterday. I’m going to bed.” The woman stood up and left my office without so much as an extra goodbye.

Veil, late January 2165
“Yvonne!” Natasha stood up and greeted the once Khan of the Jade Falcon Clan. “How are you enjoying motherhood?” She asked as she scooped the three-month-old baby out of the young mother’s arms.

“Why did you ever do this?” Yvonne asked as she rubbed at her tired eyes. “While it is satisfying in an odd way, I am tired and have no clue what I am doing.”

“You will get used to it,” Natasha smiled at the other woman as she held the girl that was trying to pull on her fiery hair. “MacIntosh seemed to be treating you well.”

“Yes,” Yvonne smiled tiredly. “I believe that he is the only one keeping me sane at this point.”

“That is how I felt when Mark and I first had David,” Natasha confided to Yvonne. “And I was terrified of doing something wrong because I had no idea what I was doing.” Natasha met Yvonne’s eyes. “Don’t make the same mistake I did. Be present for the formative years, and be an active presence in her life. You’ll be happier that way.”

“I want to return to the Ducal Guard,” Yvonne replied. “I have been held back for too long.”

“Your body is still in need of rest,” Natasha said in response as she passed the baby MacIntosh/Hazen back to the new mother. “Have the two of you decided on a name yet?”

“Neg,” Yvonne shook her head as she began breastfeeding the young girl. “Ian wants to name her Elizabeth, but I am not sure as of yet.”

“Elizabeth Hazen or Elizabeth MacIntosh works,” Natasha replied. “She’ll be a right terror when she gets older though.”

“She’s a terror now,” Yvonne complained. “I’ve not had a full night's rest in days.”

“You will have to get used to that for the next couple of months at least,” Natasha grinned. “It’s not something we ever thought we’d deal with is it?” Natasha reclined in the chair she was in to look over the mountains of Veil that the house was built on. “We are Clan Warriors, we never were intended to become mothers. And so there is so much that we lack in our education of these things.”

“You did this twice!” Yvonne yelped as the babe accidentally bit her nipple a little hard.

“Yeah,” Natasha smiled. “It was more fun the second time.” her cheery face and smile died down. “Until it wasn’t.”

“Takashi paid the price for that,” Yvonne reminded Natasha. “We made the Combine bleed for their transgressions.”

“And it still did nothing to fill the hole that was ripped out of my life,” Natasha stated. “No parent should outlive their child, it leaves you distraught in a way that not much else does.”

“I think it is time to put you to bed, Elizabeth,” Yvonne said as she pulled the babe away from her chest and covered herself up again before beginning to burp the little one. “And then I get to sleep as well.”

“I’ll head on home,” Natasha said as she stood up and held the door open for Yvonne. “Mark is probably still working. I shall have to drag him away from his desk.”

“I thought Melissa was handling things in Imir in his stead,” Yvonne said.

“She is,” Natasha shrugged. “She’s doing a damn good job of it too, but you know how Mark is.”

“Goodnight Kerensky,” Yvonne said as she closed the screen door. “I should be back on the deployment list in a year or so.”

“Just try to take my words into consideration,” Natasha said. “It will only help you in the long run.”

“I thought you would be working or going over reports or something,” Natasha said as she saw me on the floor of the living room playing with my godson Arthur Steiner.

“No,” I shook my head. “I left the work to Melissa,” I shook a set of uncut keys at the little one as he smiled wide and took them from my hands before beginning to chew on them. “I’ve got other priorities for the next couple of weeks.”

“Such as?” Natasha raised an eyebrow at me from where she was leaning against the doorway.

“Such as reminding my wife that I still know how to have fun,” I said with a laugh as I gestured towards one of the Steiner Bodyguards that guarded both Melissa and Arthur.

“What did you have in mind?” Natasha asked.

“This,” I said as I chucked Natasha over my shoulder and threw her over the balcony and into the cold pool below.

“You’re a dead man Mark! Dead!” Natasha shrieked.

“You’ll have to find me first!” I laughed as I bolted from the balcony and into the house.

“You’re on!” Natasha said as she pulled herself from the cold water. “I shall have my revenge, either now or later.”
Chapter 39
Chapter 39
Omega, February 2165

“Push up, do not let her escape,” Ka'hairal Balak ordered his men as they breached the front doors to Afterlife. “It’s us of the SIU who have been given the honor of taking this station from the Asari bitch that rules over it with an iron fist.”

The first squads of the SIU breached the doors and immediately opened fire on the mercenaries and guards that were inside. Aria T’Loak watching from the top of her stairs as if a queen watching her subjects arguing.

“Aria T’Loak, we control all of the spaceports and the area surrounding your little nightclub here,” Balak stated over an open comms channel. “Surrender and we’ll allow you to escape with your life, resist and I will personally see to it that you are enslaved and made to be my family’s slave for the rest of your days.”

“How about I kill you and all of your men instead,” Aria retorted as she spat on the ground.

“Hahahahahahahaha,” Balak began to openly chuckle. “You don’t have the forces available for that, o’ ‘Queen’ of Omega. Now your reign is coming to an end and what are you left with at your side? A bunch of dancers and old dried-up guards to defend your throne? You are a pathetic has-been, and your time has come to an end.” The firefight in the nightclub dragged on as the Batarians wore down the Asari’s biotic and kinetic barriers before ripping them to shreds with hellish crossfires.

Aria then came down in the midst of a group of Batarians, a biotic glow filling the air as she fell, cratering the ground and sending what was left of the group of soldiers in every direction. “Fall back to the VIP section,” She commanded what was left of her defensive forces while she held a massive handgun in one hand and gestured with the other, a flick of her wrist sending a singularity out that caught several squads of soldiers before she detonated her own singularity with a smaller second wave of biotic energy.

As she fought on, more and more Batarian SIU and regular soldiers filed into the club, the sheer amount of weapons fire driving the Asari Matriarch back as she slowly gave ground to the Batarian soldiers, eventually falling back to her personal quarters where she shut and locked the reinforced bulkhead doors before turning and looking at the dozen or so Asari “dancers” and mixed species guards that remained.

“Saddened intonation: I regret that I could not hold them off for longer,” the lone Elcor stated as he tried and failed to form his biotics into something coherent. “Determined declaration: If you wish my death I will give my life so that the rest of us might make it out.”

“That will not be necessary, Xalinos,” Aria said as she used her biotics to rip a section of the wall out, revealing a large lift that led into the underbelly of Omega. “We’re going to come back, and when we do we’ll show exactly why I am the only reigning Queen of Omega.”

“Gleeful Jubilation: Then let us leave this place immediately. I desire to rest so that I may have my revenge,” the massive Elcor Biotic said as he gestured for the Asari to get on the lift first.

“This takes us straight down,” Aria told the remaining people that were with her. “So you may want to hold onto something.”

Pressing a button on her Omnitool after they had all piled into the lift, Aria triggered the lift. Sending them plummeting down into the depths of the station, through several areas that were eerily empty of everything but some drones and what may have been mutated Vorcha but didn’t look like anything familiar anymore.

“Go directly to the ship and board it when we reach the bottom,” Aria instructed. “Don’t try anything funny.”


“This has to be the worst defensive position I’ve ever seen,” Balak muttered to himself as he looked over Afterlife. “For an Asari of her age, she should have known better.”

“Sir, we have a ship launch from some sort of hidden cavern,” an officer reported.

“Let her go,” Balak told the soldier. “She’s lost this one, and should she come back then we’ll have prepared for her.” He looked at the club. “Tear this thing down, we’re going to be putting a proper command and control center in its place. And start setting up the AA guns, I don’t want Omega to be vulnerable while we’re getting everything set up. Also, get me a priest. I’m not willing to let these men have died for nothing. They did well to face a Matriarch without flinching. They’ll be assured a place at the end of time.”


Citadel, February 2165
“Omega is now in the hands of the Hegemony,” Tevos shared with her fellow councilors. “One of our Spectres was nearly caught up in the crossfire but managed to get away and was able to bring me this intelligence.”

“This war seems to be slowing down overall though,” Sparatus stated as he took a sip of his beverage. “In fact, these newcomers seem to be hiring mercenaries left and right to harass and slow down the Hegemony.”

“Don’t remind me,” Vedol sighed. “I have been petitioned to sanction these mercenary groups many times over the last few weeks by Ambassador Dosk.”

“The mercenary groups are now going through a third party,” Tevos complained. “Matriarchs are now hiring groups of Eclipse to work as their private security and it is all verified and contracted through this ‘Mercenary Review Board’ that has seemingly sprung into existence on Illium with branches here on the Citadel and many other worlds.”

“Well, regardless of the headache that this MRB might become, I’m more concerned with the Terminus and Batarian Hegemony at the moment,” Sparatus steered the conversation in a new direction. “There seems to be a new bloc forming in the Terminus, and I’m not certain how stable it will be in the short term, but my analysts tell me that should this Terminus Commonwealth survive the next five years that they’ll be a good influence on the Terminus as a whole.”

“My people tell me much the same,” Tevos said with a small frown. “My concern is that they may try to change things too quickly, and that could prove disastrous for us all.”

“The STG has orders to recover samples of any technology that might be viable for future research,” Vedol chimed in. “But the current focus is on figuring out what the Systems Alliance is negotiating with the Migrant Fleet.”

“Keep me updated on that?” Sparatus asked his Salarian counterpart.

“Affirmative will update as relevant information becomes available,” Vedol responded. “Becoming older, not as easy to work for long hours anymore.”

“Go get some rest,” Sparatus nodded at the Salarian, grateful that he was obviously keeping the Turian’s plans quiet for now. “We’ll make sure that the SA’s new Embassy opening goes smoothly.”

“Thank you,” Vedol said as he left the room with a slight hitch in his step.

“Now, all that is left is to watch the flames begin to rise as these humans begin to run roughshod over everything we have built,” Sparatus muttered as he watched the Citadel News Network run a special on the new embassy that was opening.

“I’m sure it will not be as bad as you are thinking, Sparatus,” Tevos chided him. “After all, they are a new species, and will be willing to learn from those who are much more experienced at this than they are.”

“Will they?” Sparatus challenged. “Because I believe that the galaxy is shifting, and we will either shift with it or be left behind.”

“You worry too much,” Tevos gave an Asari half-shrug that meant she wasn’t concerned, then looking at Sparatus directly said something that made Sparatus feel strange. “Go relax some, and try not to worry about things so much.” She smiled at the Turian. “Unless there’s something you feel should concern me?”
“Sparatus’ head started to hurt over the course of Tevos' little speech and he stood there for a moment before he shook his head. “I’m not concerned about things, I’m just looking towards the future, and I’m not sure I like what I see.” Sparatus stood up and began to leave the room. “And I’m not sure that you will like it either.”

Making his way to the apartment that had been set aside for him, Sparatus sagged against the door, his head pounding as if he had been without water.

"She talks way too much," Sparatus muttered as he tried to locate some painkillers to mute the headache. "Avina," Sparatus called. "Turn off all notifications for the next twelve hours barring emergencies. I'm going to bed."
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Batarians take Omega? for what? they do not need more enemies.
But,at least,we knew now,that when Natasha have fun with Mark,end result is Sparatus headache!
Cement control over one of the main entryways and the center of the Terminus systems while they had the chance. Plus cutting off a potential ally of Hull and Co.
Cement control over one of the main entryways and the center of the Terminus systems while they had the chance. Plus cutting off a potential ally of Hull and Co.
Good in theory - now,they have morfe territory to hold,and potential ally of Duke become real one.
Chapter 40
Chapter 40

Citadel, Serpent Nebula, June 2165

“Thank you for being willing to meet with me without requiring a private audience,” Ambassador Anita Goyle of the Systems Alliance said to the trio of councilors that were seated at the table before her. “We’ve been deep in negotiations with both you and the Quarian Migrant Fleet for the last year or so, and I’m grateful that you’ve managed to make the time for this.”

“Well, I hope you are aware that there are some concerns with you taking in the Migrant Fleet,” Vedol said rapidly. “While grateful that as a species they are no longer at risk, there is a danger in them potentially deciding to continue down the same path that led to their current exile.”

“I am aware of those concerns,” Anita replied. “As are the Systems Alliance as a whole. Our negotiations included several restriction clauses involving research into Artificial Intelligence and advanced VIs as well. This was in exchange for the chance to settle down on the first Dextro world that we come across and with potential support if a chance to retake Rannoch ever appears.”

“While we trust that you will be watching them with a close eye, I would like to request permission to send in advisors and personnel to help in ensuring that the proper laws and procedures are followed,” Sparatus stated. “I am aware that there is still some enmity between our species, and I would like for this to be the foundation of trust built between us if you are able to persuade the Systems Alliance of the benefits of this.”

“I would have to bring it back to Parliament as I am merely their representative here,” Anita responded. “But I would hope that they see reason in this and would be amicable to building bridges instead of burning them.”

“The Asari would, of course, be interested in supervising these meetings,” Tevos spoke up. “Seeing as we were the ones responsible for ending your conflict previously.”

“Would need to be civilian contractors in order to avoid the appearance of favoritism,” Vedol stated. “Already can see the potential issues on the horizon should we fail to do this properly. My solution, is mixed species groups sourced from those less likely to spark conflict, contract sourced through current trusted third party group the MRB.”

“While I would rather not give over power to the MRB in any way, that solution does seem to be the wisest in this situation,” Tevos sighed as she agreed. “We shall have to negotiate this with one of the MRBs on hand lawyers at a later point in time, this meeting is supposed to address our concerns about the Migrant Fleet after all.”

“You’re going to have to limit their Pilgrimages,” Sparatus said as he went over the list of negotiation points that had been sent to him by the Council of Primarchs. “We have had many issues with the Quarians over the years involving members of their young ones who have gone on Pilgrimages being willing to do whatever they believe is necessary to acquire their Pilgrimage gift. While the Hierarchy understands service to the main governmental body more than most, the way that the Quarians go about it currently has set them up for conflict with us in many ways, and we would prefer it to cease before some hothead decides to attempt to fix the issue and bungles it up the way that we did the Relay 314 Incident.”

“I was not aware that there were issues involving their pilgrimages,” Anita Goyle said as she listened intently. “Tell me more about this and we’ll work through some potential fixes.”

“That was productive,” Sparatus said to his two fellow Council Members. “We’ve accomplished much over the last few months.”

“Yes, and you seem to have pushed our interests much further than you used to,” Tevos stated with a smile. “You haven’t been this proactive and helpful in decades.”

“I’ve made time to meet with the Council of Primarchs more often,” Sparatus said as they began to walk to the private and hidden chambers. “The number of different viewpoints and arguments has been refreshing to hear and to try to analyze,” the Turian shrugged. “That, and I’ve been able to visit the Armax Arsenal Arena over the last year or so. The stress relief of being able to relive my days as a mere grunt has been wonderful.”

“Basic training does sound like paradise after having spent years making difficult decisions,” Vedol agreed. “Being able to spend months at a time with your face down in the mud or merely following the instructions of someone yelling at you would be such a relief over the decision-making process that I have had to follow over the last few years.”

“Ahh basic training,” Sparatus said dreamily. “How I miss those days.”

“I do not understand,” Tevos said with a confused expression. “But I do not think I truly want to understand either.”


September, Imir System 2165

“We just completed three of the Glamdring class destroyers,” I sighed. “And you already want a Block II?” I asked rhetorically.

“Yes,” Dr. Kelley stated with a shrug. “We’ve finally fully deconstructed the local method of manufacturing spinal guns, and we believe that we can manufacture the Glamdring with one added without doing more than a small redesign. A redesign that we are already halfway through the process of.”

“Will it be more effective?” I asked as I looked over the files and data that had been forwarded to me. “Because if it takes longer and is less able to be implemented then I’m not sure it will be the better option.”

“Simulations have shown that the combination of the spinal gun and sub-capital lasers will be much more effective than just the lasers and standard armament that we’ve produced so far.”

“We’ll make one of the Block II,” I said after looking it over. “If the Block II is that much more effective then we’ll swap overall production over to it.”

“It will be,” Dr. Kelley stated.

“I certainly hope so,” I replied. “Now, I’ve got a meeting with the Mech and small arms design teams leaders, so I’ll see you in a week or so for the standard update.”
Beyond the Horizon (Universes that were considered for insertion #2 Stargate (Atlantis) The Siege Part I
Beyond the Horizon (Universes that were considered for insertion #2 Stargate (Atlantis) The Siege Part I

“I’ve sent my civilian vessels over to the empty system that you gave us the data on,” I told Dr. Weir. “I’m not sure that my ships will be able to take on anything bigger than the Cruisers that you’ve shown me the data on, but we were able to have our personnel tie in one of our spare Fusion reactors into the defense satellite that you were working on, and it should be able to provide the power output that is required for at least a small time.”

“We’ve got two Puddlejumpers waiting nearby to extract both of our people should something go wrong,” Dr. Weir said. “Now, you have nuclear weapons that you said you’ll be willing to use?”

“Yes,” I replied. “But given the relative strength of the fleet arrayed against you,” I shrugged. “I fail to see how effective they will be. As it is, I’m not certain that we can do more than assist in the defense of this city against these ‘Darts’ and anyone that manages to actually land and try to utilize conventional small arms on the inhabitants of this city.”

“Yes, these mechs that you possess don’t seem to be something that will be of assistance on Atlantis,” Dr. Weir said with a sigh. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to have allies in our fight against the Wraith, I just wished that you had more to bring to the table for this.”

“My ships are going to remain hidden around the dark side of the moon,” I said. “They’re priceless, and damn near irreplaceable, and I’m not certain that you have anything that could make up for the loss of one of them, much less all three. Now, in regards to mechs that will be of use to your city. Tell me, did you get to see the stats on the Rifleman?”

“You are a terror to work with,” Dr. Rogers said to Mckay as she tied the fusion engine into the systems of the satellite. “But I suppose you are smart enough to keep up, so I suppose it balances out.”

“You’re what? In your twenties?” Mckay said with his typical arrogance. “What would you know about powering laser-based weapons systems?”

“I’m in my sixties,” Rogers glared at the Canadian physicist. “I’ve been working on laser-based weapons since before you were born, and I’ll be working on them and making them work better long after you’re dead and in the grave. Now, you can finish tying this engine into this weapon, or you can stand aside and let me do it, but either way, we are on a time crunch and cannot afford to laze about.”

“Rodney, how goes the repairs?” Dr. Weir asked her head scientist.

“They’re going well, even this bunch of primitives seems to understand that we’re working with some advanced tech here and are being careful,” Mckay said.

“Primitives! A female voice was heard in the background. “I’ll show you just how primitive we are if you say something like that again.”

“Anyway, we’re almost done,” Mckay yelped. “We’re going to be powering it off in a couple of minutes and waiting for the Wraith to get into range, we’ll update you when we’re finished.”
So,now Duke must knew about humanity.Interesting,when he decide to contact them? it would be funny if he trolled them for a while before showing that he is human,too.

I think,he is smart enough to undarstandt that Reap[ers are real,too.

And ME humans taking Migrant fleet - sensible,they should do that in canon.
I remember some dead story on fanfiction,when humans did so,helped Krogans with Genofage,and,as a result,eneded fighting Council.
Chapter 41
Chapter 41

Imir System, October 2165

“Well, it looks like the Batarians are on the move again,” I muttered as I looked at the latest report from the Eclipse that had been harassing the Batarians since the start of the contract. “Margaret, I need our MRB contact to meet with me. We're due for a renewal or renegotiation of the contract with the Blood Pack and Eclipse and I’d rather get it done now.”

“I’ll add it to your list,” my new secretary replied cheerfully. Your 12 O’ Clock is here to meet with you.”

“Send her in,” I replied as I stood up. “I might as well get something productive done today.”

“Duke Hull,” Aria T’Loak greeted me as she walked into my office. “We have much to speak about.”

“Indeed,” I replied as I shook her hand. “I understand that you want our aid in taking back Omega, and I’m willing to do so, I just have a few requirements that need to be negotiated on.”

“What is it you desire?” Aria asked bluntly. “I’m too old to play the same games that the other matriarchs enjoy.”

“Wait,” Natasha said as she burst into my office, closely followed by Aethyta. “Did you start yet?”

“No,” I shook my head. “I was about to start negotiating.”

“Good,” she said as she immediately took over. “Because I know exactly what to say.”

“So, you are asking for help because the Matriarchs back on Thessia denied any assistance to you despite the benefits you have provided them over the years right?” Natasha started with a rhetorical question. “Well, we’re willing to help you, but you need to start acting like the Queen of Omega that you claimed you were. A nightclub? As your base of operations? Where is your sense of fucking decor? The name was alright, a palace named Afterlife works well, but you have to fix some things. You want our help. Then you go legitimate, make yourself a real fucking Queen. You have been playacting long enough, it is time for you to act like the ruler you have claimed to be for decades.”

Aria’s biotics flared for a second before Aethyta’s clamped down and overpowered Aria’s.

“Settle down,” Aethyta barked at the younger Matriarch. “And listen to them. You’re currently learning something the hard way that I’ve known for a century or so by now.”

“And what might that be?” Aria asked through gritted teeth.

“The Matriarchs on Thessia don’t care,” Aethyta dropped her biotics after Aria stopped trying to flare her own. “They only cared about helping you stay in power while it didn’t cost them anything. Now that you’re gone? They’ll negotiate with the Batarians for access to the eezo stores on Omega and everything will continue like it’s business as usual. They don’t care about how many Maidens end up enslaved while going out and learning about the galaxy. They don’t care about how a new species acts unless it’s something that helps them. And if it doesn’t help them, they’ll push and nudge said species until it does what they want. The Matriarchs were willing to sacrifice you because you brought nothing new to the table, and by assisting you they’d disrupt their precious ‘status quo’.”

“What would you require of me going ‘legitimate’ as you put it?” Aria asked after a moment of considering everyone’s words.

“No slavery, and no supporting piracy,” I stated simply. “We don’t care if you legalize and tax drugs and their use or anything like that, Ilium does much the same, if you want a Monarchy or a dictatorship we don’t care. Establish laws and enforce them, so long as slavery and piracy are banned then we’ll be good neighbors and even join with you in an alliance if you wish.”

“This is…” Aria trailed off. “Quite a lot to process, and I’ll need time to consider my options.”

“Take your time,” I replied. “We have to deal with the force moving on Imir before we render assistance anyway.”


Imir System, November 2165

“You’re sure that they’re mercs?” I asked the MRB liaison that we had been assigned.

“Quite sure,” the Asari replied. “They do originate from Hierarchy space, but they’ve got all of the proper paperwork sorted out and have even included no small amount of Asari and Salarians specialists in their available forces.”

“Well, their rates are good, and they’ve requested more pay than salvage,” I said as I looked over the contract. “I’m approving the hire of this Brotherhood of Steel, provided their credentials clear.”

“I’ll have everything drawn up and ready for you to sign in an hour or so,” the lawyer said. “The MRB thanks you for your patronage.” She left to go get the paperwork prepared.

“You know what this is right?” Aethyta asked as she lounged on my couch, having made it her favorite place to be when Natasha was busy.

“Of course,” I replied. “I’m surprised the Matriarchs haven’t done anything about it yet to push back against it economically.”

“They’re not as united as they’d like outsiders to think,” Aethyta explained. “You’ve got a couple of economic blocs that will be assisting the Turians in this because it will assist them in making greater inroads to the Turian Economy.”

“And I assume that they’ll face some sort of pushback from the Asari-based economic blocs?” I asked.

“Yep,” Aethyta replied. “It’s what’s allowing the Turians to finally do something about the Batarians without them losing face legally and culturally. Your MRB has given them an avenue to deploy and utilize deniable operations on a level that they’ve never seen before. They’re used to only having limited amounts of Spectres able to handle business, and so they’re going to be taking full advantage of this while they have the opportunity.”

“I’ve noticed that the MRB has gotten some complaints from some clubs on Ilium,” I said. “You wouldn’t happen to know why, would you?”

“Asari Maidens typically go and strip and whore themselves out during those years,” Aethyta shrugged. “I may have put the word out that there’s an alternative, and even though I’m not as influential as I used to be I’ve still got some pull with a few Matriarchs. So there’s been a swing downwards in the number of Maidens swinging their tits and asses around a pole and an uptick in Maidens willing to learn the trade of a soldier.”

“Huh,” I said in thought. “Should I also expect an uptick in immigration then?”

“Maybe,” Aethyta shrugged. “It depends on how you handle this mess with the Batarian Hegemony. I fully expect to be approached by some of the more independent systems if we manage to drive the Hegemony off a second time.”
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Everything is on schedule,then.
Interesting,what Hegemony would do when they undarstandt,that they are loosing.Attack Turians?
Chapter 42
Chapter 42

Khar’Shan, November 2165

“May your conquest be swift,” General Grey said to his old friend Grand Admiral Orosk Drac'newar. “I managed to get some of our more efficient troops out in the conquest of Omega, and should you need them they’ll be available. Unfortunately, I am to remain here as I am still trusted as a military officer, but am not trusted enough to conduct a conquest or anything beyond a raid at the moment.”

“Be safe and wary,” Orosk said as he clasped forearms with his old friend. “They will be looking for any reason to be rid of you.”

“They may try,” Grey scoffed. “I have been a loyal servant since before most of them were born.”

“And they will not care,” Orosk replied. “Now, I’ve wasted enough time, I must go board the Hegemon’s Fist, and begin moving on Korlus. That we’ve been forced to waste this much time has already set us back significantly. I would have left last week, but I had to requisition more supplies out of my pocket because the quartermasters had falsified reports.”

“Yes,” Grey agreed. “I’ll see what I can do to burn out the corruption among our forces while you are gone.”

The two friends then left each other, with the Grand Admiral boarding a shuttle headed for his Flagship, the dreadnought Hegemon’s Fist, and the General heading for a meeting that he had been putting off while his old friend was still on the planet.

“Is everything prepared?” Grey asked the group of Batarians that were seated at the bar.

“We’ve just been waiting for your signal,” the leader said. “We’ve got the personnel in place, and we agreed that waiting on the Grand Admiral to leave was the best plan.”

“Good,” Grey said as he switched on a kinetic barrier belt that lay underneath his coat. “Let’s get this started then.”

“We should manage to silence all comms that might try to leave before they reach the next world with a buoy,” a tech specialist said. “We’ve been working out people in over the last few years after all.”


“So the traitor makes himself known,” Dhorlak Son'dahan said as he and the Hegemon raised a glass of some kind in salute. “Come, drink, we’ve been expecting you.”

Grey, flanked by some members of his personal bodyguard merely walked up the steps and glared at the other Batarian, murder evident in his eyes.

“It is time for a new Hegemony to rise, one that is reborn from the ashes of the old,” Grey said as he pulled out a handgun. “Are there any words that you would like to say now before I tear out your eyes and feed them to the carrion?”

“Die scum,” Dhorlak snarled as he pulled out a knife and jabbed it into the general’s side, “Your little coup dies here with you.”

“No, it doesn’t,” Grey said as he shot the other Batarian and watched as blood splattered out the back and over the table that the Hegemon was seated at. “This is just the beginning,” he then aimed his weapon at the Hegemon only for a sniper round to take his arm off at the elbow.

“Open fire,” the Hegemon ordered as he stood up and activated a switch that triggered a massive kinetic field. “I don’t want any of them to survive.”

“Your will be done,” a Batarian bowed his head to the Hegemon before beginning to issue orders.

“Pull back,” Grey ordered through clenched teeth as he did his best to staunch the bleeding of his arm stump. “Start issuing the backup orders.”

“Aye sir,” one of the soldiers said as another one pulled the general up and over his shoulder. “Sending out orders to the fleet now, may the pillars be with us.”


The space around Khar’Shan was calm, almost eerily so as the fleet that normally guarded the Batarian homeworld patrolled and stayed in their assigned sectors, never straying. Then, a cruiser turned and pointed its main gun at one of the trio of dreadnaughts that guarded the system and broke the calm with a single round. As if a signal had been sent off, many of the ships began turning on the other, with small wolfpacks of frigates surrounding a cruiser still loyal to the regime and turning it into scrap before being shredded by a series of rounds from another set of frigates and cruisers. The Batarian Civil War had begun, but there would be nothing civil about this war.

Author's note: I'm aware that this is a touch shorter than usual. And I apologize for that, but I wasn't sure how to end this chapter and transitioning back to Hull and Co didn't feel quite right.
Cyvil War? Batarians are done.But - they would have real backstab,instead of backstab myth like germans after WW1.
Interesting,how Batarian Hitler would look like?
No matter,Duke would be smart enough to finish him off.
Author's note: I'm aware that this is a touch shorter than usual. And I apologize for that, but I wasn't sure how to end this chapter and transitioning back to Hull and Co didn't feel quite right.
It is proper to end a chapter at a natural point and not concern yourself with exact word counts. You'll have no complaints from me for this.
Systems Alliance Interlude 1
Systems Alliance Interlude 1

Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert. I know how to patch up gunshots holes, stab wounds, and how to splint you up and take care of shock in an emergency, Please do not quote me on any of the medical stuff I used here.

Arcturus, December 2165

“Ambassador Goyle,” Prime Minister Jack Harper greeted the woman responsible for representing the Human race to the Council as she walked into his office.

“Jack,” the woman replied with a smile. “Always a pleasure.”

“Alright, the man put out his cigar into the ashtray on his desk and triggered a small vacuum to remove the smoke from his office. “I’ve managed to get most of the measures that you negotiated approved with Parliament, but I’m still struggling to find a way to back the requirement that we have observers in place to ensure we’re compliant with Council Law. It took me years and a lot of favors to get them to agree to the Treaty of Farixen. And I had to show them the classified documents detailing our ‘pocket’ dreadnaughts and carriers before they were willing to hear me out on that. Then, we had to get them to agree to gift the quarians a world we can’t even use!” Jack Harper pinched the bridge of his nose to ease the stress headache. “So please, explain to me how I’m supposed to persuade them to fall in line on this one because I’m at the end of my term, and I’m going to retire soon.”

“I managed to work in quite a few economic concessions into our negotiations with the Citadel races,” Anita said with a soft smile. “I know our companies have been eager to break into the fresh markets, and with the future economic boom that will occur once we get everything lined up you’ll have your leverage to push the agreement through.” She met the cybernetic eyes of her friend. “I take it your meds are still becoming less effective over time?”

“I stopped taking them a couple of weeks ago,” Harper sighed. “They weren’t doing anything to mitigate the headaches, and I knew that I was going to need to be clear-headed with the arena that we were stepping into.”

“Jack, you know that those medications are the only thing preventing your brain from frying itself,” Anita chided the Prime Minister. “We can’t afford to lose you at this stage in our plans.”

“Anita, I’ve set us up to push Humanity as far forward as we could have under my leadership, military funding is through the roof, as is recruitment. And you’ve seen our training budgets, our troops will be some of the hardest-hitting SOBs out there when we start expansion. I can handle a few more weeks without the medication.”

“Have you seen your doctor lately?” Anita asked bluntly. “Because if I get any answer aside from yes then we’re taking you to get checked again. You’re the current leader of Humanity out here in the galaxy, we can’t have you keeling over dead and leaving us in a state of confusion right as we’re emerging onto the galactic stage.”

“I know,” Jack sagged and seemed to age a dozen years in a moment as he did so. “I’ve had the projections run by the Intel guys, and if I die before my term is up it’ll likely look like I was assassinated by one of the big three and we’ll be at war within a half year at best,” Jack reached for his cigar and lit it despite Anita’s visible disapproval. “That’s a war that we can’t afford to have yet. If we’re to truly win, then we’re going to have to wage a culture war, the Asari have been dominating the culture of the galaxy for centuries, and they’ve sat there thinking that their position is unassailable. They control the pornographic industry, they set the standards of beauty and fashion.” Jack trailed off and then gave a slightly mad grin. “They’ve never had to deal with the likes of us before. We’re not as universal as the other species were culturally, we’ve tried it all, hell, we’ve done it all. And we’ll prove that ours is superior in time. But first, we’ve got to finish getting our foot in the door.”

“Well, given the concessions I got from the negotiations involved the entertainment industry as well as the rest of our industry we should be fine,” Anita said with a shrug. “Now, I’m canceling the rest of your appointments for the day, and you’re going to see a doctor. Lord knows what the long-term effects of exposure to a Prothean Beacon will do to you.”

“Well, you were right to bring him in,” Doctor Narayan Shaan said to the two politicians. “His brain is constantly fighting between whether to shut down and repair, or to stay awake and maintain function for as long as possible. I take it you’ve been having frequent dreams and nightmares again?”

“Every night since the meds wore off,” Jack said as he sat up out of the scanning bed. “Got to the point lately where I just try and stay awake as long as possible, it’s the only way I sleep without the night terrors.”

“Your brain is overclocking itself while you dream,” Dr. Shaan said bluntly. “It’s causing more wear than you should be experiencing at this age and is likely to cause mood swings and potential Alzheimer-like symptoms over the long term. Now, we can treat the base issue, which is the lack of sleep; with some medication, but we’re not going to be able to repair the damaged brain cells, your body will have to do that on its own. Now, I’m going to ask you to stay overnight so that I can continue to monitor the situation, and we’ll discuss potential treatment plans in the morning.”

“Alright doc,” Harper replied. “I’ve got to be back up and working again in a week though, that’s when the deadline for the final vote on integrating into the Council laws will be taking place.”

“As long as you’re willing to actually follow proper medical advice then I’ll have you back up and to work by that time,” Dr. Shaan smiled. “Now, I’ll let you two have the room for a minute while I start the paperwork for the overnight stay.”

“I can stay on Acturus for the next week if you need me to,” Anita said.

“No, you were elected as the Ambassador, and we need you to go be our representative,” Jack said with a smile. “I’ll be fine, Dr. Shaan knows what he’s doing, and if Murphy decides to strike then I’m well prepared with some of my contingency plans.”

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