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A general thread for middle-eastern military centric news, since the MId-East is the Seat of Mars on Earth in the modern day.

To start off with, recent news has brought into focus a potential power struggle within the Assad clan, as well as the machinations of both Russia and Iran.

Its clear Assad has no intention of letting the Russians tell him what to do, or Iran-and keeping some measure of independence.
Nothing new in Syria then, it's far from the first clash within the Assad clan (Rifaat's coup attempt for example) and they always tried to play their sugar daddies against each other.
I’d heard about that-about how there was an attempted coup backed by the Iranians and Russian intelligence headed it off or something.

Apparently the fighting between the LNA and GNA has intensified. Turkish support may have prevented a total collapse of the UN recognized GNA government.

I'm curious to see if Russia and the other anti Turkey players will step up support for Haftar or fighting will grind down to a stalemate.

Iran may be drawing down its presence in Syria.

I suspect its due to both Assad being victorious, and also as said in the article-a cratering economy and the coronavirus(not to mention discontent at home).

I suspect the Iranians have figured that conflict with Israel would be disastrous, and that Israeli airstrikes won't be stopped without actual war-so they can declare mission accomplished and send home most of the IRCG personnel in Syria.
IRGC presence is only a part of cost of Iranian help to Syria, they are bankrolling the government, the end of that cashflow would have dire consequences for regime.
Quoted from AH.com.

"Forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) have retaken all of Tripoli proper, to include the Tripoli International Airport. The GNA has been backed by Turkish airpower and weapons. The forces of the Libyan National Army (LNA) are withdrawing to the southeast."

Haftar may be on the losing side due to Turkish support. It doesn't seem his own backers have met Turkish support as much.

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