United States US presidential election 2024

Nah you always ask @ATP about this kind of stuff
Polish President Andrzej Duda met with Trump yesterday evening at Trump Tower.
Indeed.After he feared to meet him when he was in USA during official visit.
Is he one of the ones letting Poland be overrun by migrants?
No,Duda is member of fake right party PIS which lost elections thanks to their own stupidity.

Poland would be overrun by migrants,becouse current premier,Tusk,leader of fake left party PO, was told to welcome german muslims.And becouse germans buyed him about 30 years ago,he is always doing what german masters order.

Now they ordered welcome migrants,so Poland would welcome migrants - but,after elections.
Fake left party PO want to win over fake right party PIS again,so they could not welcome them now.
Why not both?
Let them argue it

better not,he is not good in it.
No, please, for the love of god no
@Poe is like...
What can the polish president do that the PM can't or vice versa?
PM decide what to do,president could oppose that,and then PM need to find 276 Sejm members who would support him.
But,Tusk is german tool,and since germans want their rapefugees gone,he would welcome them to Poland - but after elections.
Till then,he would pretend to be polish patriot,and naive people like @Marduk would belive him.
Basically the Prime Minister's the last line of defense to keep the President from going unhinged.
No,President could do shit,becouse he do not have any power.
It is actually oposite - President is last line of defense for german agent Tusk destroing Poland.

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