Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

Navel News Articles Reportedly Revealing So e Details on How Ukranian Special Forces Arrived on the Island. It was allegedly using submersible watercraft. This Unit, the 73rd Naval Special Purpose Center, is Ukraines equivalent to Navy Seals.

UK MoD Briefing Reports Russians Likely to Move West Towards Siversk now.

Russia offering 200,000 Ruble signing bonuses and 250,000 Rubles a month for Six Months Contracts to Voluntary Recruits.

Ukraine has Apparently Built Their own Indigenous Loitering Munition Drone... Complete with Launcher.

Anonymous US Billionaire bought two Humvee Ambulances for Ukraine.

French and German Anti Tank Mines in Ukrainian service.

Russia offering 200,000 Ruble signing bonuses and 250,000 Rubles a month for Six Months Contracts to Voluntary Recruits.

"Report from the BBC on Russian volunteers in Ukraine. They say volunteers can either sign a contract with the Russian military, with Rosgvardia in Chechnya, with LNR/DNR forces (less common because the pay is worse), or join Wagner."

Signed up for BBC+ you have? 😛😛😛
Details on a new $400 million Military Aid Package from the United States. Seems similar in scope to an aid package revealed a couple weeks ago.

Governor of Mykolaiv Claims Russia is Utilizing the S-300 Surface to Air Missiles in a Land Attack Role, Which is a Potential Capability that Series of Missiles Apparently Possesses.

Article Interviewing a Ukranian Bayraktar Drone Pilot. Some highlights include how two Drones Suffered Damage, one Reportedly from a S-300 SAM and another from a Russian jets Air to Air Missile Impact and Caused them to Lose Contact with said Drones But They managed to Land Themselves in Spite of Loss of Operator Control and Battle Damage.

Reportedly Video of a Russian Iskander Missile Failure Somewhere in the Belgorod Area.

Another Circle of Life Moment as Ukraine Reportedly Recaptures a T-72 Tank Earlier Captured by the Russians.

Seeing rumors that the new weapons include the 300km range HIMARs ammo.

Kerch Striaght Bridge is now Fair Game for Ukrainian Forces, per DC.
A Police Official who Collaborated with the Russian Liberators Was Reportedly Assassinated in Kherson in Southern Ukraine.

Russia Reportedly Recruiting Prisoners with Military Experience To Serve in the Special Military Operation. Wagner PMC is also Reportedly Recruiting Prisoners as Well and Also Reporting Survivors Benefits of Five Million Rubles.

Claim that the Guided 155mm Artillery Shells the United States is Sending are the Excalibur GPS ones.

Reportedly Media Showing Several Russian T-72's Being Struck by Anti-Tank Mines in the Donetsk Area.

According to the DNR Government this is Their Seperatists Official Military Casualty Tally.

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UK Ministry of Defence in Latest Briefing Alleging that Russia is Forming New Military Units Built Around the MT-LB as a Significant AFV in the Formation Instead of More Advanced and Capable Vehicles Such as the BMP series.

British FV103 Spartan Light Tanks Arriving in Ukrainian Service.

Russian Supply Convoy in Eastern Ukraine. Note the number of Escort Vehicles and as it says, Improvised Armor.

More Crowdfunding of Equipment for the Russian Air Force as well as apparently Rarely Seen 240mm Rockets Equipped on the Russian Su-25 Strike Planes.

Captured Ukrainian Military Vehicles and Equipment Reportedly on Display in a Russian Museum Park.

United Kingdom is Planning on Training ten thousand troops in the Coming Months.

More Supposed Russian Munitions Depots Allegedly Exploding into Raging Infernos.

Ukrainian Soldiers making Air Droppable Munitions thanks to mortar rounds and 3D Printing.

Ukrainian Forces Setting up Mines, Barricades and Other Defenses along their Shared Border with Belarus.

Pictures of what are allegedly Japanese 60mm Mortar Shells in Ukrainian Service. They were originally identified as Taiwanese in origin but denied by their government and now seem likely to be of Japanese origin. But since Japan has strict regulations on arms exports it's unknown how they came into Ukrainian possession. Some allege the mortar shells may date from the Korean War or early Cold War when Japan exported such munitions to Allies.

Pictures of the "Tigr" Volunteer Battalion Which Will Reportedly Be Integrated With the elite Russian Naval Infantry for Service in Ukraine.

Reportedly Video of Russian Tochka Ballistic Missile Launchers in Luhansk Oblast. Russia previously stated they didn't have any Tochka Ballistic Missiles being Utilized in the Ukranian Special Military Operation after Using said Missiles in a Strike on a Ukrainian Rail Station filled with Civilians Several Months Ago in Kramatorsk.

A long thread filled with pictures and ID's of large numbers of Ukrainian Vehicles Captured in Donbass Operations put on display by the Russians. Includes numerous Tanks and other Armored Fighting Vehicles.

A second Russian T-90M Tank May Have Been Destroyed by Ukrainian Forces Recently.

A Police Official who Collaborated with the Russian Liberators Was Reportedly Assassinated in Kherson in Southern Ukraine.

So, he became a Shaheed (martyr). May the Ukrainian resistance produce much more pro-Russian Shaheeds in Russian-occupied Ukraine in the future.

Mystery of the Japanese Munitions Likely Solved. Investigating the identification numbers and their style seems to deduce that these 60mm Mortar Shells were produced in Japan and sent to the United States during or in the years after the Korean War, before Japan had its Arms Export Regulations in place. The United States apparently has had them in storage ever since and now sent them to the Ukraine so they can utilize them.

Vasyl Slipak was a renowned Opera Singer born in Ukraine who spent much of his lauded career performing in Europe. He returned to Ukraine in 2014 to support the Euromaiden Movement and then joined the Ukrainian Army where he was killed in action during his service in the Donetsk Oblast. A Memorial Cross was Erected in Memorial to him. Russians and Collaborators Apparently destroyed this Memorial Cross.

Ukraine Apparently Recieved Modernized MLRS Launchers from the Czech Republic in the form of the RM-70 Vampire D.

Ukrainian Mi-17 Helicopters Operating Whilst Still Clad in Their Original Afghanistan Paintjob. These Helicopters were purchased by the United States from Russia to be Given to Afghanistan originally.

Albanian Volunteers Fighting with the Ukranian TDF.

News Article On the Ukrainian Military Increasingly Using NATO 155mm Rounds, Apparently Upwards of three thousand a day. Previous estimates of Ukrainian Officials Postulated they were firing 5-6000 artillery shells (not just 155mm) daily.

The Drive said:
The official said despite the high usage rate, Ukrainian forces still have “substantial stores” of 155mm rounds and are far from running out with more rounds on the way. The U.S. and NATO allies have donated hundreds of thousands of 155mm rounds to Ukraine.

“We’ve supplied it, other countries have supplied that,” the official said. “... We know what their use rate is, we know what their store rate is, and we're monitoring that as we continue to supply them capabilities.”

Another Munitions Depot Allegedly Exploding Due to Ukrainian Fires Reportedly. Lots of pictures and videos of this one showing up on Social Media since it Apparently Made Some Nice Visuals for all of the Photographers out there.

According to the Ukrainian Military, an S-400 Complex Was Destroyed in a HIMARS Strike Recently.

There's going to be a Display of Russian Equipment in Various States of Demilitarization Taking Place in the Czech Republic.

Shortage of Running Water So the Surviving Residents of Liberated Mariupol Are Washing Their Dishes in the Rain.


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