Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

Russian Sources Reporting Second Day of Ukrainian Advances in Southern Ukraine.

First Leopard 2 loss in this conflict, likely destroyed due to Russian Artillery Fire which caused an ammunition fire.

Polish-supplied Warmate Loitering Munitions Strike Compilation.

German supplied Ukrainian TRML-4D Radar Linked to an Iris-T Air Defense System Taken out of action by a Lancet Loitering Munitions.

Excalibur Rounds Eliminating a Russian Buk Air Defense Vehicle.

Australia Discussing Sending up to 41 Former RAAF FA-18 Hornets to Ukraine.

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I am just gonna put this here.
You know ... it seems as though F-16s were already in the works before this happened. But I think that this will increase political will to accelerate the introduction of NATO-model fighter jets (Husky beat me to press with an arguable example). I don't know if there is anything more (besides quantity) that Ukraine needs after jets, but if there is it'll likely happen faster than it would have.

On the more speculative side, I suspect there will be many voices advising Russia to be more circumspect about any scheme it may have to deny Ukraine the benefit of the electricity being generated by any nuclear power plants it may abandon. e.g., tearing down transmission lines or substations is, while contemptible, less bad than blowing up the plant.
A lot of OSINT accounts (as well as Russians) and the like are assuming we're several days into some sort of more major Ukrainian Counteroffensive, if anyone is curious.

With that said, apparently conducting assaults across mined open terrain, under UAV observation and artillery fire against prepared defenses upwards of twenty kilometers deep, will actually result in casualties, vehicular and otherwise, in case anyone was in denial about that.

This media is curated mostly from Russian media in reference to attacks made roughly three days ago.

A formation called the 47th Mechanized Brigade equipped with Western vehicles had at least one Leopard 2A6 and several Bradley's damaged during an offensive near Orikhiv in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Another Offensive Which Has Competing claims of Ukrainian Advances and Russian Counterattacks. Video from Russian sources.

Meanwhile near Bakhmut Ukrainian Forces Pushed Back Russian Motorized Infantry Troops and Storm Z Units (Russian Penal Units) and apparently found some Soviet Union themed paraphernalia amongst the dead and captured.

Another Leopard 2A4 Tank suffered from a damaged track a few days ago though the crew survived and the vehicle apparently repairable.

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After consulting other engineers and hydrologists and the like, OSINT analyst Ryan McBeth released a video which, long story short, he thinks the Dam failed due to Russian negligence as opposed to intentional demolition or destruction and that Russia still bears the responsibility for the ensuing disaster.

Ryan McBeth said:
I believe that a structural collapse, not an explosion. Russia is still to blame for this calamity, but I believe the structural failure occurred due to overtopping and hydrodynamic scour due to frequent use of the southernmost sluice gate and spillway.

Ukrainian Strike on a Russian Headquarters Located in Kherson Oblast. Apparently this was a Command Point Putin had visited back in April.

Drone Footage from Zaporizhzhia Front Allegedly Shows Russian Troops Withdrawing in the Face of an Assault by Ukrainian Marines.

Iranian Supplied Mohajer-6 UCAV was Likely Jammed and Downed by Russian Electronic Warfare and Air Defense, Crashing in Crimea.

Russian TOS-1 Thermobaric MLRS Launcher Destroyed by Ukrainian M109A6 Self Propelled Guns in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Situation at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Will be Apparently Stable for the Near Future when it comes to Cooling Requirements from the Reservoir.

United Kingdom MoD Update on the Past Few Days of Fighting.

United States Announced New $2.1 billion Military Aid Package, mostly consists of munitions replenishment apparently. Artillery shells, laser Guided rockets, more Patriot missiles, Hawk Air Defense Systems, and Pa UAVs.

Alleged Advance/Breakthrough by Ukrainian Motorized Troops Elsewhere on the Zaporizhzhia Front.

Four Video long thread showing Combat Footage of Ukrainian Troops Engaging Russian Defenders somewhere.

Ukrainian losses counted so far from the Russian Media released about the recent assaults and FPV/Lancet Drone Strikes.

...I gotta admit, seeing humvees like that on video outside of a game like Generals or Tiberian Dawn is... strange.

Not for me it isn't. We used those things all the time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nothing weird about that, at all.

Life imitates art sometimes, and vice versa, as they say.

Hilariously enough, I recall not long after the original Command and Conquer came out, there was supposedly some talk at the Pentagon about using a modified version of Command and Conquer as a tactics training tool, though I don't think it ever went anywhere.

In other news (and to keep this on topic), the latest post from ISW on the Ukraine front.

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Russian Sources Reporting the Alleged Advances of Ukrainian Forces.

Russian Convoy Southwest of the front lines targeted by longer range Ukrainian fires. I'm guessing it was cross river artillery fire?

Ukraine alleges Striking a Grouping of Chechen "Akhmat" Fighters and reportedly killing dozens of them.

Canada Delivered a number of previously pledged Roshel Senator Armored Fighting Vehicles and pledges to deliver Ukraine AIM-7 Anti-Air Missiles and 155mm artillery ammunition.

Here's the Blahodatne in Donetsk Oblast that was apparently liberated recently. Not to be confused with the Blahodatne located between Bakhmut and Soledar... Also in the Donetsk Oblast though there is fighting near there as well...

(Thread with Geoconfirmation)

There Were Russian counterattacks as well.

As of yesterday... Along with the above advances there have been advances in Kreminna in the Luhansk Oblast which is North of Bakhmut and around the flanks of Bakhmut itself which can only be measured in hundreds of meters.


VDV Airborne in parts replaced Wagner Units in the Bakhmut Area.

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