Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

Ukrainian Forces utilizing Western M777 Howitzers in the Kharkov Oblast. Apparently they've already been used in combat against the Russian Liberators.

Video of the British Brimstone Missile Launchers in Action in Ukraine.

First Reported Video Use of the Ukranian Punisher Drone.

If at first you don't succeed, Try Try Try Again!

Ukrainian Forces Training on Polish T-72M Tanks.

More details on the 155mm ammunition utilized by the M777 Howitzers now Operated by Ukrainian forces.

Germany has Reportedly Given Ukraine about a hundred thousand hand grenades of various types.

First Video Sighting of a Czech RM-70 MLRS System in Ukraine.

No praising of soldier deaths.
There are people praising the deaths of people/wanting the deaths of soldiers (Maybe not on this thread, but posting here to be sure). We've let this run long enough, because we were treating both sides equally, but it ends now. This applies on all Ukraine war threads (this part will be reposted on those).
Could China deliver them some? they supposed to be allies,and China is making chips.
Not only theirs are different and would require product redesigns, there are global chip shortages, queues for those who can make them are made for years, and China is not a charity, they know the market position they are in and Russia is not exactly shitting money right now.
More on the Snake Island Saga...

Really investing in keeping that island.
With the loss of the Moskva, Snake Island is the only place to set early warning systems for intercepting attacks before they hit Crimea's area.

It is also the only place to stick any meaningful SAMs, as the frigates don't have the same level of SAM capability as the Moskva.
Apparently Dutch YPR-765's, an M113 variant, was spotted in Ukrainian Services.

Undisclosed Aid from the United States apparently includes M224 60mm Mortars.

Seperatist Forces Tried to Take Out a Communications Tower with a Wire Guided ATGM.

I was half wondering if it would spin around and around, wrap up around the thing then explode... but it did not. 😢

Russian Aircraft Allegedly Attacked a Ukrainian Tractor. Operator Survived but was Seriously Injured.

CNN Released Footage from the Opening Days of the War of Russians Allegedly Looting and Murdering Elderly Ukrainian Citizens During a Bout of Drunken Looting.

Article on how Russians are Displacing Thousands of Ukrainians Against Their Will to Camps Across Russia.

Ukrainian Defenders reportedly launched a Successful CounterAttack in Azovstal Yesterday.

Reportedly Around fifty or more Abandoned Russian Vehicles Found in Chernihev Region.

Some Russian Orlan-10 Drones have been reportedly modified to carry and deploy small bombs.

More Discussion on Why Russian AFV Losses are High. One of the big reasons that again comes up is Russia's alleged lack of infantry.

Five Tweet long thread where Rob Lee is examining Russian Commentary on the Failure of the River Crossing at Severskiyi. Some of the reasons alleged are lack of staff officers, lack of officer accountability/competence and lack of reconnaissance drone support in the failed river crossing.

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No worries. Highly Trained and Well Equipped Seperatist Conscripts Will Fulfill Russia's need for High Quality Infantry

Germany Discussing the Transfer of IRIS-T Air Defense Systems to Ukraine.

Czech Provided Dana 152mm SPGs spotted in Ukrai Service.

Polish RGP-40 MultiShot Grenade Launcher in Ukrainian Service.

Russian Forces Allegedly Cleaning Up that Theater full of People they Reportedly blew up in Mariupol a few weeks back.

More Alleged Details Emerging on that Infamous River Crossing Along With Estimated Losses. Long thread prior examining the data collated up to that point.

Another Long Twitter Thread from a former Major General Explaining the Details Behind River Crossings in General and How It Pertained to This Engagement.

Ukrainian Military Bombarding Targets Within Russian Territory, Reportedly in the Belgorod Area.

One of the Dead From the Battles Over Snake Island was Reportedly a Spetsnaz Naval Combat Diver and Medic. Perhaps Due to the Failed Rescue/Reinforcement Attempts He Apparently Died of His Wounds. Rest in Peace Alexei Fyodorov.

Another Battalion Coommander Killed. No Big Deal. It's All Going to Plan. Just a Feint etc etc etc. Rest in Peace Major Ramis Zagretdinov.


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