Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

Norway with the assistance of the United Kingdom will be able to send the UK eight M270 MLRS from storage so eight more of those systems can go to Ukraine in turn (along with some radar sets).

Pentagon has allegedly overpriced the military aid if has sent to Ukraine by several billion dollars potentially allowing more stuff to be permitted to send to Ukraine.

Units being pushed back in Russian flanks of Bakhmut were formations that previously suffered considerable casualties at Kreminna and Vuhledar, replacing the VDV/Airborne units there prior. Russia tried compensating for lower quality of troops by backing them up with more artillery.

US Air Force estimates it'll take four months to train at least some Ukrainian pilots on F-16's, not a year and a half like some hypothesized.

Anonymous US sources state the Patriot System successfully engaged Russian jets at long range.

Ukraine likely to get F-16's in the foreseeable future.

Almost all of Bakhmut proper has been reportedly taken by Russian forces in an operation that barely took around three hundred days.

Ukraine reports heavy Russian casualties from strikes against buildings near the Mariupol Airport that took place last year.

Imagery of the before and after of a Russian Facility in Occupied Mariupol near the Airport. Ukrainian sources state estimates of100-150 Russian Casualties.

Six Russian Armored Vehicles from the same convoy reportedly destroyed or abandoned due to Anti Tank Mines including two T-80 main battle tanks and four BMP IFV's.

Fires Reported from Russian Occupied Kherson, Supposedly from where Russian Artillery units often operate.

How does the Chief of Staff of a Tank Training Battalion end up dead in Vuhledar serving alongside Russian Pacific Fleet Marines? Rest in Peace Major Kansky Alexey Valentinovich.

Russian Soldier in a Phone Call from last Autumn Reportedly States They Killed Hundreds of Civilians During Their Liberation of Kreminna in Northeastern Ukraine back in April of 2022.

Cross border incursion into Russian territory in the Belgorod Oblast by reportedly Ukrainian aligned Russian Volunteers.

Humvees and artillery support as well as at least one tank it seems.

Lack of markings on vehicles and personnel reportedly so it might just be "little green men."
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Meanwhile in Ukraine Proper.

US Officials Supposed Estimate of Casualties. 50,000 Russian Dead, almost all military. 60,000 Ukrainian dead, over two thirds civilians.

Ukraine Received a new Czech BMP-1 Variant, the BPzV Svatava, an armored recon vehicle.

Ukrainian S-300 System Intercepting a Russian Kh-101 Cruise Missile.

Canadian Supplied GCS-200 Unmanned EOD Mine Flails.

Roundup of the previous nights missile and drone strikes. Still using those Kh-22 Anti-Ship Misisles with a CEP of a few hundred meters against "infrastructure" targets in cities.

Russia Reportedly Lost a Ka-52 Helicopter in the Belgorod Region over Russia, a Su-35S Jet in the Black Sea area, and according to OSINT accounts like Oryx, likely an Mi-8 Helicopter in the past few days as well.

Japan sending a batch of over a hundred various military vehicles, including a Japanese variant of the Humvee and Morooka Tracked Carriers.

One of three Norwegian NM189 Armored Engineering Vehicles Donated to Ukraine. Based on the Leopard 1 tank chassis.

Two Russian 2S19 Msta-S 152mm Self Propelled Guns parked next to each other Destroyed by Ukrainian Excalibur Artillery Strikes.

Ukrainian Soldiers in Spain Finish Their Training and are Bid Farewell. Ukrainian soldiers have been in Spain training on Leopard 2's, demining, battlefield medicine and other things in various batches of troops over the past few months.

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Short list/thread of Equipment Germany has pledged to Ukraine Recently.

Twenty Eight Soldiers from a Russian Assault/Storm Platoon Captured by Ukrainian Forces near Avdiivka.

Also near Avdiivka.

Russian Intelligence Ship Ivan Khurs reportedly defended itself from an attack by several Ukrainian Surface Drones, showing footage of the destruction of one of the drones in the Black Sea.

Prigozhin, the leader of Wagner PMC, states twenty thousand Wagner Mercenaries were lost in the fighting for Bakhmut while complimenting Ukrainian forces ability and criticizing the Russian MoD.

United States Military Sustainment Operations Becoming Faster and More Efficient due to Special Military Operation in Ukraine.


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