Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

Russian Sources Reporting that Russian Electronic Warfare is Jamming Drone Spotting of Russian Artillery, Reducing its Effectiveness Yet Ukrainian Artillery Somehow Bypasses the same EW in Russian-Ukrainian Border Regions.

Ukrainian May Have Struck a Factory Being Used as a Russian Base in the Occupied Port City of Berdyansk on the Sea of Azov.

Potential Drone Strike On the Russian City of Krasnodar in Southern Russia

Russian Federal Prison Productivity Drops by a Third... Curious...

Ukraine Reveals CGI Avatar of the deceased Zaluzhny Now In Charge of Armed Forces of Ukraine

Medical Facilities in Dnipro Struck by Russian Forces including a veterinary hospital and psychiatric clinic. At least two killed and many more wounded, including several children.

Another presumably abandoned T-90M Tank Destroyed by Ukrainian Drone Dropped Munitions in a more nicely packaged video.

Russian Su-25 Survives a MANPAD exploding up its rear and manages to land back in friendly territory. Not the first case of this happening either.

Ukrainian Soldiers Operating Czech made 120mm Mortars with Serbian Made 120mm Mortar Shells.

Analysis of Fires Caused by Warfare in Russian and Ukrainian held territory and potential implications of shaping operations of what may come.

Thread on new Russian Officer Enrichment Scheme. Mobilized Soldiers stay home but in exchange give a portion of their military pay to Officers! Thankfully some brave Humanitarian Russian Activist named Svetlana Chvanova is trying to put an end to this practice and to bring these cowardly Mobiks to face justice... on the Ukrainian front lines probably.

A great article on Ukraine's head of military intelligence, and how he got such a senior position at relatively young age.
Suspected Ukrainian Drone Attack Struck a Russian Pipeline Northwest of Moscow, Hundreds of Miles Away from Ukrainian Border.

Russia Launched Their Largest Shahed Drone Attack So Far Last Night, Reportedly Over Fifty Drones Deployed with Most Downed.

Ukrainians Reportedly Use Artillery Fire and Actual Fire to Detonate and Clear Mines in Contested Border Areas.

Recent Ukrainian Strikes on Suspected Russian Bases west of the Occupied Port City of Mariupol in a town called Yurivka.

Wagner Mercenaries Continue to Withdraw from the Bakhmut Area, Replaced in large part by Donetsk Peoples Republic Fighters.

Public Trials Going on in Russia for Soldiers who refuse to fight in Ukraine. Those found guilty so far have been facing sentences of five or six years in prison or penal colonies.

Recent Ukrainian Strikes on Suspected Russian Bases west of the Occupied Port City of Mariupol in a town called Yurivka.

Apparently there was a series of strikes yesterday in the occupied areas of Southern Ukraine along the coastline of the Sea of Azov along the axis between the port cities of Berdyansk and Mariupol. Stormshadow Cruise Missiles were likely used.

(Thread of Potential Strikes)

Ukrainians are claiming to have inflicted significant casualties upon the Russians due to these strikes.

Short Thread on Yesterdays Russian Missile/Drone Strikes on Ukraine Which Has Reportedly Been Improving In Effectiveness As of Late.

A Russian Air Defense Command Post Reportedly Struck By a Ukrainian GMLRS. If likely used in conjunction with the S-400 this would be the second 'component' of an S-400 Destroyed in the Conflict So Far.

New Gurza-M Patrol Boat for River Duty Enters Ukrainian Service.

Far less drones then originally reported may have been flying over Moscow earlier today.

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$300 million dollar aid package from the United States to Ukraine Announced. It's apparently mostly replenishment of munitions. Artillery shells, tank shells, rockets/missiles for HIMARS and air defense missiles including AIM-7's as well as anti-tank weapons and MANPADs.

Estimate and day by day breakdown, by Ukrainian sources, on Russia's Missile Offensives and Drone Attacks upon Ukraine in the Month of May, including the Hypersonic Kinzahls Reportedly Engaged by Patriot Missile Systems.

Apparently there was a downside to getting Ukraine to killing off tens of thousands of prisoners. Those thousands that still survived service and got pardons apparently... got pardons. Strangely, it turns out Russian Prisons/Colonies and Wagner Service doesn't reform all of them.

The United States apparently purchased a number of Gepard/Cheetah Air Defense Vehicles from Jordan to Send to Ukraine as well.

Russian T-80 Tanks Engaged in Mine Clearance Operations in the Donetsk Oblast.

Rest in Peace Abbas Abu Dhar Watwait, an Iraqi Russophile who died fighting in Bakhmut in early April as a Wagner Mercenary, notably not in a penal battalion. He was posthumously award the State Medal of Courage and Wagners 'Black Cross.'

Some interesting reports in this article by the Ukrainian Euromaiden Press that's about the private armies of the Occupied Donbass. He's created two volunteer battalions, Tavrida and Livradia who were formed out of Cossack volunteers and anti-Maidan activists in the wake of the 2014 Invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and are currently serving with Russian forces in Southern Ukraine.

It also details a Russian government sponsored and funded organization "the All Russian Cossack" community which is an umbrella organization of Russian backed Cossack groups founded to promote Cossack culture, largely through the funding of paramilitary youth organizations and as per article, the formation of ten different Cossack Paramilitary formations currently serving in Ukraine, constituting about 16,000 troops who are also backed and funded by the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Governor of Crimea is also funding several Private Military Companies who main lines of recruitment were meant to be Crimean residents, but has also including mobilized personnel and of course, large numbers of criminals serving in exchange for pardons.

And finally about five thousand Crimean residents have gone through territorial defense training and will serve lighter duty in territorial defense formations.

Germany to Donate 66 brand new FFG G5 APC vehicles to Ukraine.

A seemingly fairly well concealed Russian T-90M Tank Was Struck By Ukrainian Artillery Somewhere in the Luhansk Oblast.

Russian Military Commentator says what many suspected, the Chechen TikTok Battalions were of limited value in military operations in Mariupol, rarely taking part in assaults and leaving the hard offensive work to the Russian formations such as the Naval Infantry formations which have suffered heavy casualties.

DNR Citizens are whining about lack of promised payouts due to casualties resulting from this conflict as the Donetsk Government admits to debts in this area running to almost half a billion dollars.

Ukrainian estimate on number of Children killed, wounded and captured by the Russians since this 'Special Military Operation' began.

Reports of more strikes, likely by Storm Shadow Cruise Missiles (though allegedly fragments of Tochka Ballistics Missiles were also found) upon Facilities in the occupied Port City of Berdyansk.

Russian Airborne VDV Units Will Be Reportedly Replacing Wagner PMC Units Which Have Largely Withdrawn From Bakhmut.

If the Russian MoD doesn't protect Belgorod, Prigozhin vows his Wagner Forces can and will!

Thread on how Mobilized Soldiers Were "Sold" to Russian PMC's, specifically those in Bakhmut, forced to sign contracts and sent into combat as basically cannon fodder by various PMC's including Wagner and an offshoot of the Redut PMC known as 'Veterans.'

A Russian Brigade Commander was captured!!! Wagner. Reportedly "Lt Col Roman Venevitin, the commander of Russia’s 72nd Brigade, tells an interrogator that, while drunk, he had ordered his troops to fire on a Wagner convoy."

Ukraine made a Bangalore Toriedo out of jury rigged RPG Munitions.

Croatian 128mm Rak-SA-12 MLRS in Ukrainian Service firing 1980's era Yugoslavian HE Rockets.

Spanish Supplied Oto-Malera 105mm Pack Howitzers in Ukrainian Service.

Russian Armored Vehicles Ran Over and Killed Two Civilians in Occupied Donetsk Region

What's the latest on the Ukrainian counter-offensive? Anyone got anything specific?

Ukraine is supposedly on a general information lockdown regarding any counteroffensives so we just have (highly regarded) Russian sources to depend on initially.
What's the latest on the Ukrainian counter-offensive? Anyone got anything specific?
Ukraine Report by most evidence does a good job on sticking to the facts that are known and according to his daily report the UAF made some limited headway around Bakhmut and in the south. Nothing approaching the offensives of last year though...

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